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My Funny Valentine(s): An Introduction To Some Of Broadway's Most Romantic Standards

2020.02.14 18:23 Ghost-Quartet My Funny Valentine(s): An Introduction To Some Of Broadway's Most Romantic Standards

Intro To Standards:

The “Great American Songbook” describes the canon of popular and influential songs from the early 20th century, songs so iconic they’ve penetrated the cultural consciousness to become what we’d call “standards.” These songs are common fare for jazz musicians and cabaret artists so we tend to think of them as a part of that genre but really, they’re the grandparents of modern pop music. Singers like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald have become so tied to some of these songs that many people assume they were written for them, but a lot of their most iconic hits are covers of existing standards, many of which were from musicals!
As with all pop music, much of the Great American Songbook concerns love, so I thought for Valentine’s Day it would be fun to go through and talk about some romantic standards, their Broadway roots, and their crossover with the world of pop music. I’ll also take a moment to give some history on Broadway as a whole. Here we go!

The Musical Comedy Era:

Emerging out of a variety of influences including vaudeville, European operettas, burlesque, straight plays, and (unfortunately) minstrel shows, musicals took a while to become their own genre distinct from all of these. At the turn of the century plays with music in them were a popular form of entertainment, but they weren’t true musicals. Called “musical comedies,” these shows were written as a way for composers to deliver songs to the public: they didn’t have much by the way of plot and scenes were mostly there to provide entertainment between songs. They were disposable and poorly written, tons of them were cranked out in the turn of the century basically up through the ‘40s, many of which are entirely forgotten. Thus we don’t remember many old timey musicals, but we recognize many songs from them.
Tin Pan Alley was also the birthplace of many standards, but I won't be talking about those here.
  • “My Funny Valentine” by Rodgers and Hart from Babes In Arms (1937)
    Rodgers and Hart are THE composers of the musical comedy era of music, their songbook is very worth diving in to and this show is a great place to start. Babes In Arms itself isn’t very well remembered, there was a movie with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland but it also has a whole lotta blackface so people don’t like to talk about it, but it spawned iconic hits like “The Lady Is A Tramp,” “Johnny One Note,” and perhaps most famously, this song. It’s a touching little love song, a little melancholy but ultimately very sweet with an iconically lilting melody. Interestingly this is actually a song about a guy named Valentine, but this also doubles as a gender neutral term for a lover that’s allowed the song to be covered by all types of people.
There’s been too many versions of this song to bother singling any out but but Glee fans may recognize this as the song Tina broke down in the middle of. It was also notably given a slow jam cover by Chaka Khan on the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. Personally my favorite version is Tonya Pinkins.
  • “Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered” by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart from Pal Joey (1940)
    This show is actually a bit better remembered than your average musical comedy, notably it was Gene Kelly’s first leading role on Broadway and Frank Sinatra would take over his role in the eventual film adaptation. But the show’s fame pales in comparison to the legacy of this song, it’s probably the most covered song on this list. One of the most lush, romantic pieces of music ever made, there’s so much drama and power in this song. Sing it as a tender ballad, sing it as a power ballad, however you sing it that sparkling melody and those wistful lyrics are just perfection.
This is another one where there’s so many covers there’d be no point in listing them all, but Ella Fitzgerald in particular has taken ownership of the song. Patti Lupone is as powerful a performer as ever. Gaga and Tony Bennett sang this, if that’s your thing. Also watch this one minute long clip from the 2009 Tony Awards with no context.
  • “Someone To Watch Over Me” by George & Ira Gershwin from Oh, Kay! (1926)
    The Gershwins were brothers who helped define this era of theatre with their frothy compositions, and this is probably their most enduring hit. They really captured something universal with this song, we’re still coming back to it almost a century later. This is the perfect pop song, it’s catchy, it has a universal sentiment, and you can probably sing along with it after hearing it only once. “There’s a somebody I’m longing to see / I hope that he / turns out to be / someone to watch over me” are unassuming but really, they’re some of the rawest lyrics set to music.
There’s too many covers to list. Julie Andrews recreated Gertrude Lawrence’s original performance for a movie and offers a traditional take on the song but I personally love Lea Salonga’s smoky cover of the song. Amy Winehouse sang it!
  • “I Loves You, Porgy” by George & Ira Gershwin from Porgy and Bess (1935)
    This one isn't a musical comedy but I put it here for timeline purposes. I know I just said that the Gershwins were known for their frothy compositions but they also wrote this, the first great American opera that broke boundaries by having an all black cast and confronting issues of black poverty. The show was controversial when it came out and remains controversial (there’s still debate over whether it’s a good depiction of black people or not and attempts to revise it in 2012 with a more traditional script caused Stephen Sondheim to snap) but whatever else can be said about it, the music is beautiful. Although “Summertime” is the most recognizable hit, this is another lovely song that’s become a standard. If you're scared of opera don't worry, it’s been covered many times over by blues legends who bring out the spirit of the song in straightforward terms.
Nina Simone debuted as a recording artist with a cover of the song, and it remained her highest charting song. Whitney Houston famously covered a portion of the song, and Billie Holliday has a gorgeous cover as well. Xtina also covered it for some reason.
  • “My Heart Belongs To Daddy” by Cole Porter from Leave It To Me! (1937)
    Another legend of this era, Cole Porter was known for his clever rhymes, endless innuendos, and catchy tunes, along with his… wild lifestyle. We’ll never know for sure but Cole Porter is heavily speculated to have been into men, and I can believe it because who else but a horny gay could write a song like this? Dripping in a heavy sexuality, it’s a song about keeping yourself devoted to one man which was (ironically) originally performed with a strip tease number. Though the song is about a sugar daddy, the change in the meaning of the word “daddy” have made this song unintentionally hilarious and more relevant than ever.
Ariana fans should be familiar with this song because she used it as an interlude on the Sweetner tour. Marilyn Monroe gave a high energy performance of it for a movie, Eartha Kitt offered her sexy take on it, but my favorite version has to be Cher randomly turning up at the 1981 Tony Awards to sing this on an iceberg. /popheads queen Carly Rae Jepsen sang it on Canadian Idol.
  • “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man” by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II from Showboat (1927)
    Showboat was a game changing piece of theatre that’s considered by many theatre historians to be the first “true” musical, in the sense that it had a serious plot (with shockingly progressive anti-racism themes for its times) that actually integrated the songs into the action of the play. While the most famous song from this show is the legendary “Old Man River,” this song is probably second. The song is just timeless, the lyrics approach the concept with such a simple, heartfelt attitude and it’s got such a great singalong chorus. Here’s a great video of how the song is staged in the show, but it can also be sung as a wistful ballad or a fiery vocal showcase.
The definitive version is undoubtably Lena Horne, though Billie Holiday famously offered her own take on it. Cher also sings it really well.

The Golden Age:

The “musical comedy” era of theater ended when Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma opened in 1943. It was the first mainstream musical to successfully integrate music, lyrics, and choreography into a serious, cohesive script, and it completely changed the face of musical theatre and ushered us into what’s considered Broadway’s first “Golden Age.” The “Golden Age” of Broadway encompasses much of the 1940s and ‘50s, giving us many iconic shows by classic composers and solidifying Broadway into the institution we see today.
The Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre (colloquially known as The Tony Awards) were first held in 1947, and it remains one of the most prestigious honors a theatre professional can receive.
  • “If I Loved You” by Rodgers and Hammerstein from Carousel
    We’ve seen both of these dudes before on this list separately but together they form unquestionably the most iconic composing duo in musical theatre history. They could get their own post really, there are a ton of great standards they wrote that I’m not including here for reasons of space, but I knew I had to include this one. “The bench scene” from Carousel is one of the most treasured scenes in the musical theater canon, if you have ten minutes to set aside I’d recommend watching this stripped down version of the scene to get a taste of way. It’s positively heavenly, with the ebb and flow of the lyrics and the wistful sentiment seeming to pull us towards a higher plane. As a highly theatrical duet interspersed with dialogue that spans almost ten minutes when performed in full it’s very different from everything else here, but it’s theatre at its best.
Abbreviated pop versions of the song have seen charting success, and four covers of the song (all by men) have hit the Top 10. Check Wikipedia for more information on those. If you want the full, lush experience here’s a twelve minute long version Barbara Cook and Samuel Ramey recorded. For the gays, here’s Kylie Minogue and Rufus Wainwright singing it. For the other gays, Nicole Scherzinger covered it. Also of note is this version Aaron Tveit recorded, which mashes it up with “To Make You Feel My Love.”
  • “Some Enchanted Evening” by Rodgers and Hammerstein from South Pacific (1949)
    South Pacific was an incredibly daring musical that confronted war and racism head on (the song “You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught” was super controversial for its take on racism and Rodgers and Hammerstein famously demanded that the show wouldn’t play in any segregated theaters) and they wouldn’t have gotten away with it if the show hadn’t been so next-level good. The show was a massively successful cultural phenomenon, and this was the biggest hit. It’s a soaring song that underscores the two main characters falling in love, and it’s one of the most romantic songs to ever grace the stage.
Five different versions of this song hit the Top 10 of the Hot 100 in 1949, with Perry Como’s version even hitting #1. One other version I’d like to highlight The Temptations, who make it into a lush r&b slow jam. In popular culture it made its way onto the soundtrack of the new Watchmen tv show, Harrison Ford sang a snippet of it in American Graffiti, but more importantly, Bert sang it on The Muppet Show!
  • “The Trolley Song” by Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane from Meet Me In St. Louis (1944)
    From a movie, but whatever. The studio era of films is kind of comparable to the musical comedy era of theatre in that studios were cranking out tons of disposable films, most of which have been lost to the sands of time an a small handful of which have become iconic. Meet Me In St. Louis is firmly iconic, giving us one of Judy Garland’s most sparkling performances and a beautiful score. This song and this scene are just pure joy! Judy in a whirl of love belting her heart out on that trolley is one of the most captivating moments ever put to film. And pop fans would do well to note the influence songs like this had on what pop music would eventually become with their catchy hooks and somewhat inconsequential lyrics. Also from this movie: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
Judy Garland is and shall always be the definitive version, but for novelty’s sake here’s Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett.
  • “I Got Lost In His Arms” by Irving Berlin from Annie Get Your Gun (1946)
    This show introduced a LOT of popular songs, most notably “There’s No Business Like Show Business” and “Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better),” and while this song isn’t exactly unknown, I still think it’s a bit of a hidden treasure, especially since it was tragically cut from the film version of this show. This song is a torch song, which (for those of you who don’t know) is a sentimental kind of song that describes love held for someone who’s not there. Annie Oakley was such a crass, headstrong character, and so to hear her describe the sensation of falling in love with such innocence and gentleness is really sweet. This song just floats through the air and touches the heart.
Reba McEntire did a brief stint on Broadway in this show (she was great) and was kind enough to record the definitive version of this song. For those of you gays out there, Jonathan Groff does a lovely cover of this in his acts.
  • “If I Were A Bell” by Frank Loesser from Guys And Dolls (1950)
    Guys and Dolls is a very successful show (there was even a movie with Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando) but this song in particular did become well known it’s become outside of the show thanks to Miles Davis transforming it into a jazz standard. I’m partial to the version of the song with words though because the lyrics really capture what it’s like to be hopelessly in love. The silly lyrics which compare being in love to a bunch of different objects are delightful, and there’s this wonderful punchy flow to the song which emphasizes all of the right beats. It’s… bouncy.
We’ve got us an Ella Fitzgerald cover for this one. My personal favorite rendition is Ernestine Jackson in the 1976 all black revival of the show, it’s not on streaming but you can hear it here.
  • “Lazy Afternoon” by Jerome Moross and John Treville Latouche from The Golden Apple (1954)
    The Golden Apple was a huge flop on Broadway, I’d recommend looking into the history of the show because it’s kind of fascinating. An adaptation of the Iliad and Odyssey set during the Spanish American war, it had rave reviews but was perhaps too cerebral for audiences and folded after only a handful of performances. But it had a gorgeous score of lush Americana music that managed to produce this enduring hit, which against the odds this has become something of a jazz standard. The atmosphere of this song is incredible, it’s sultry and seductive with that heavy melody and those smooth, suggestive lyrics really giving singers a lot to play with.
Most notably Barbra Streisand selected it as the title track for her 1975 album. I’m partial to Kaye Ballard on the original recording though.
  • “On The Street Where You Live” by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe from My Fair Lady (1956)
    A show of many hit songs and many interesting stories. This was the breakout moment for Julie Andrews, who was a relatively unknown before landing the role of Eliza Doolittle, but she was famously denied the role in the film adaptation because the producers felt she “wasn’t pretty enough.” Fortunately this left her free to film Mary Poppins, a performance which would win her an Oscar. Meanwhile Audrey Hepburn, who was cast in the film, couldn’t sing the songs but insisted that they let her try so they dubbed her without telling her. None of that has anything to do with this song, I just think it’s interesting. Lerner and Loewe wanted there to be a big, romantic love song in the show but their leading man Rex Harrison was pretty famously not a great singer, nor was his character particularly suited to this kind of song, so they shunted it off onto a relatively unimportant side character. That doesn’t make it any less striking of a song though!
Here’s a clip from the movie version. If you watched Skins, it was on the first episode of Skins. Here’s a wacky big band version with gibberish lyrics by Ray Conniff!
  • “Till There Was You” by Meredith Wilson from The Music Man (1957)
    Meredith Wilson debuted this song as a standalone pop song years before The Music Man was written, but it wasn’t until after the show that the song achieved mainstream penetration. It became a hit, unfortunately, in the hands of anti-gay activist Anita Bryant who got the song into the Top 40. But beyond that it holds the special distinction of being the only showtune The Beatles ever recorded, and Ray Charles lent his iconic voice to the song as well. It’s amazing how this song has been sung and recorded by so many different artists in so many different ways and still feels timeless every time.
The song was originated on Broadway by the legendary Barbara Cook, and Audra McDonald sang an amazing tribute to her at the Kennedy Center Honors. It was also on an episode of Ally McBeal.
  • “Somewhere” by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim from West Side Story (1957)
    One of the greatest American composers teamed up with one of the greatest American lyricists and created a classic. In the original musical this song is just sung by a random girl offstage while the leads are dancing, but then it became arguably the most famous song from the show, which is kind of hilarious. The movie version tries to rectify this by making it into a duet for the two leads so there’s two competing versions of the song out there, but they both have that iconic melody so they’re both good. The message of a search for a place where lovers can be free from pain and prejudice has only grown more poignant as time wears on. Of special note to this sub is when Pet Shop Boys transformed it into an uptempo club track.
Of the more traditional covers of the song Barbra Streisand’s soft-‘80s take on the song is arguably the most notable. Aretha Franklin gave her soulful rendition and The Supremes have a lovely version too, Phil Collins sang it as well. Although they weren’t studio recordings, Celine Dion, Beyoncé, and Julie Andrews also covered it.

The Second Golden Age:

The death of Oscar Hammerstein II in 1960 is considered by some scholars to be the end of this first Golden Age, but it’s immediately followed by a second “Golden Age of Broadway” that lasts through the ‘80s. This second Golden Age was marked by old talent passing on and new talent rising, as well as more experimental and grittier shows. However the tastes of the general public began to change during this period and musicals struggled to keep up. Prior to this era there was a lot of crossover between pop music and what musicals sounded like, but as genres like rock and disco began to emerge the theatre was slow to adapt and unfortunately fell out with the times.
There were still huge hits and new standards being written, but this is really when the theatre began to lose its cultural power. Coincidentally, the first Billboard Hot 100 was published in 1958, and many of the songs I’ll be mentioning in this section have a charting history.
  • “The Music That Makes Me Dance” by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill from Funny Girl (1964)
    Funny Girl, it’s a legendary show that propelled Barbra Streisand to stardom and an Oscar, if you don’t know it go watch the film immediately. It tells the story of legendary vaudeville star Fanny Brice, and legitimately half of the score is iconic. However this song is a little bit less well known then the others because it wasn’t included in the film version. The writers couldn’t use Fanny Brice’s real life signature song “My Man” in the stage musical, and this song was written as a stand in, and they got the rights to the original for the film so this song had to go. Given Barbra’s stunning performance it’s hard to argue but the song has its own charms that have made it a standard for cabaret performers ever since. It’s just such a powerful torch song, the emotions are so raw that every performer is just itching to offer their take on it.
You could spend all day on YouTube listening to fabulous divas cover this song but I MUST highlight this performance by Judy Garland. Also if you’ve never heard Carolee Carmello’s voice, you’re welcome. I must also mention cabaret legend Laurie Beechman.
  • “It Only Takes A Moment” by Jerry Herman from Hello, Dolly! (1964)
    There’s a lot of mythology surrounding this show. Carol Channing toured as Dolly Levi for 5,000 performances and never missed a show, even allegedly once falling off the stage and then climbing back on to continue. The show set the record for the most Tony nominations/awards for a period of time show and completely shut out Funny Girl from every category, including denying Barbra Streisand the one Tony Award she was ever nominated for. (That’s right, Barbra Streisand never actually won a Tony, she was given a special award later.) Barbra would later get revenge by snaking the role from Carol Channing in the film version, which ended up being such a massive flop it literally killed the golden age of the movie musical. But anyways, the point is the show is legendary and actually produced a #1 hit in the form of Louis Armstrong’s recording of the title track, but this song is also a treasure. It’s a tender love song that stands out even in such a stacked show.
Anyways, the song was famously featured in the film Wall-E but they use the film version, listen to the Broadway version. ALSO we did this show at my high school and you can spot me in the background of this video of the song.
  • "I Don’t Know How To Love Him" by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice from Jesus Christ Superstar (1970)
    The man who brought us Cats. Andrew Lloyd Webber has churned out hits throughout his career, and this is one of the biggest. The song is quite possibly plagiarized (and if you look into it Webber has a pretty deep history of “reusing” things) but its impact on the public is undeniable. Your grandmother probably loves this song, I know mine does. A soaring torch song, it’s pretty cleverly written to dance around the idea of being in love with Jesus (specifically) by leaning into the abstract notion of being intimidated by love. Andrew Lloyd Webber has a lot of great love songs like this, watch this amazing medley of some of them.
Interestingly this song was so popular that two versions of it hit the Top 40 at once: Yvonne Elliman’s version from the soundtrack and Helen Reddy’s pop version. Popheads will remember Sara Bareillis singing this in Jesus Christ Superstar Live. And, of course, we have an uncomfortable Glee cover.
  • “I Got Love” by Gary Geld & Peter Udell from Purlie! (1970)
    There isn’t really an interesting story behind this one, nor is the show particularly well remembered (though it is a good show), the song is just a classic because it’s insanely good. It has a thrilling beat that gallops along like a horse, a fantastic horn arrangement, and vocals for decades. This song is such a showstopper, just watch Melba Moore sing this song and you’ll understand why it’s so beloved. That last note! This was so iconic Melba got a record contract and released an album called I Got Love that got her nominated at the Grammys for Best New Artist.
Other than Melba Moore’s iconic rendition, Jennifer Hudson sang this song on the short-lived NBC musical drama Smash, once as it was written and once as a “sexy” version.
  • “Maybe This Time” by John Kander and Fred Ebb from Cabaret (1972)
    This song wasn’t in the original Broadway production of Cabaret nor was it even written for the film of the show (it had been written for Liza Minelli years before, tragically making it ineligible for an Oscar) but after its show stopping appearance in the movie it became an instant classic. The nuanced yearning of this song combined with the brilliant melody/lyrics basically defined a style of cabaret songs, if you pay close attention you’ll notice many songs trying to do what this one did. In particular “Bound To You” by Christina Aguilera from the movie Burlesque is basically a ripoff of this song, even paying homage to how the scene was filmed.
This song really gets around, popping up on Glee (one of their best performances), Schitt’s Creek, Bates Motel, Riverdale (this kind of slaps?), and Bunheads. “This Session Is Going To Be Different” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a direct parody of this song, and “They Just Keep Moving The Line” from Smash has acknowledged it as an inspiration. Former Spice Girl Melanie C. also recorded it for her album Stages. As for my favorite version, I think Carolee Carmello once again nails a song to the wall.

Modern Hits:

Aaaaaannnnnd here’s where the timeline falls apart. During the ‘80s Broadway went through some hard times with lots of shows and theaters closing (we talk shit about Cats but it basically kept Broadway alive at one point) but then things started recovering and we left this dark age and emerged into…? Writer Lynn Ahrens talks a bit here about how there’s a sort of “lost generation” of composers from the ’90s and early ‘00s who are just kind of uncategorized, shoved between the revival era and the modern era, and due to the nature of theatre nobody’s quite sure where the “classic” ends and the “contemporary” begins. In addition songs from musicals REALLY stopped having mainstream penetration for the most part around this era so there aren’t that many that could be considered new standards.
As such I wanted to do something a bit different for this section and highlight a few gay love songs that have come out in the past thirty years to show how theatre has progressed. Some aren't classics (yet) but I know a lot of /popheads is LGBT+ so here are some songs that speak to that experience.
  • “I’ll Cover You” by Jonathan Larsson from Rent (1996)
    Probably the most famous “gay musical” out there, and maybe one of the most famous musicals ever. This show had a fiery score flavored by rock music, a racially and sexually diverse cast, and tackled hard hitting issues like poverty and the AIDS crisis. It’s a spunky little piece of theatre; writer Jonathan Larsson tragically passed away the night before the show opened (side note: despite popular belief he wasn’t a victim of AIDS, he died of an undiagnosed heart condition) and thus was never able to patch up some of the show’s flaws. It remains controversial to this day but it remains a legend regardless. This is one of the brightest moments in the show, and a rare love duet between two men. Things… don’t go well for these characters, but it’s a wonderful song.
There are a lot of different covers of this song so I’ll just link the movie version. Also of note is Valentina did this in Fox’s Rent Live. Here’s a lesbian version.
  • “Unlikely Lovers” by William Finn from Falsettos (1992)
    Another intimate sung through musical where one of the gay guys dies of AIDS, this show actually predates Rent. I won’t go too into the plot of the show but basically Whizzer is in the hospital with an unknown illness (AIDS) and his lover Marvin is trying to comfort him, and then they’re joined by their lesbian neighbors, who join them in a quartet. Despite the sad circumstances the song is an ode to life and how important joy is in times of fear. William Finn has a knack for unusual lyrics that are full of heart and “let’s be scared together / let’s pretend that nothing is awful” are maybe the rawest lines he’s ever written. This is maybe my favorite song out of all of these, it’s so beautiful and touching.
The song was first recorded as part of the Falsettoland cast recording but HILARIOUSLY Michael Rupert, the original Marvin, has uploaded a bootleg of the original Broadway cast for us to watch. There’s a professionally filmed revival but I think it lacks some of the heart.
  • “Sailing” by William Finn from A New Brain (1998)
    William Finn was really out here for the gays. Despite the majority of this show taking place in a hospital, it has a happy ending, with the main character recovering from his life threatening brain ailment and leaving the hospital in the arms of his lover. This song is for the lover character, and while the lyrics are a little bit odd there’s such charming sentiment to them and really, with that climbing melody he could be singing about anything. This song actually did become something of a standard amongst theatre people, it really has a classic feel to it.
The original recording with Norm Lewis and Malcolm Gets is perfection, but Lisa Howard’s version from her album Infinite Joy is a personal favorite.
  • “Too Beautiful” from by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis, and Stephen Bray from The Color Purple (2005)
    There’s a lot of pop blood on this composing team. Stephen Bray co-wrote with Madonna (notably “Express Yourself”), Allee Willis wrote “I’ll Be There For You” (the Friends theme song), and Brenda Russell is a respected pop artist with five Grammy nominees. You might recognize her song “A Little Bit Of Love” for being sampled by Ariana Grande on “The Way.” Despite this impressive pedigree The Color Purple opened to mixed reviews and middling success, though there are some gems in the score. In particular I love this tender little love song that Shug sings to Celie, it really makes you feel like there’s something special in you that nobody sees.They also sing a love duet later in the show called "What About Love?"
The version in the show is a sweet little ballad, but the 2015 revival featured Jennifer Hudson as Shug so they recorded a special version that makes the song more uptempo. Also of note is that Cynthia Erivo (who was recently nominated for an Oscar) won a Tony for her performance as Celie in this revival, it was arguably her breakthrough. See why!
  • “Changing My Major” by Jeanine Tesori and Lisa Krohn from Fun Home (2015)
    It’s widely believed in the theatre community that Lin Manuel Miranda held off on taking Hamilton to Broadway for an extra year because he wanted this show to win the Tony Award for Best Musical that badly. Fun Home is based off of lesbian cartoonist Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel memoir of the same name and it’s a heart wrenching musical about our relationships with our families and coming out. It has a unique structure wherein we track three different timelines at once: Alison as an adult writing her memoirs, Alison as a child struggling with being different, and Alison in college realizing that she’s gay. This song is sung sung by her college self after her first sexual encounter with a woman, and it’s such a fun song. It’s a funny but touching portrait of someone coming to terms with their sexuality and falling hopelessly in puppy love along the way. In real life Joan was just some college hookup and both her and Alison went on to live entirely separate lives, but the lives of mortals are mere playthings of the theatre.
There are two cast recordings of this show, Broadway and off-Broadway (which is no longer available) and fans have strong opinions over whether Emily Skeggs or Alexandra Socha has the better take on it. Personally I’m team Socha.
And there it is! The scope of theatre is so broad I had to leave a ton of stuff out but this was a good taste that was fun to write, if you’re interested in more musicals, you can refer back to this older writeup I did.
What are y’all’s favorite standards/Broadway love songs?
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2020.02.03 13:48 rusticgorilla Lost in the Sauce: Jan. 26 - Feb. 2

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater. (the previous edition can be found here if you are super behind).
THIS WEEK: The White House is still withholding a meeting from Zelensky, the Supreme Court set arguments in Trump cases, more Giuliani back-channel dealings, another taxpayer-funded party for Trump, attacks on the environment, straight up buying votes, landmines, bombs, and more.
  1. How to read: the headings will guide you through this piece. The Main Course covers the “big” stories and The Sides covers the “smaller” stories. IF YOU FOLLOW THE NEWS CLOSELY: you likely know about the stories in the Main Course section, so you will be best served by scrolling down to The Sides portion.
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Let’s dig in!


Bolton’s manuscript

Last week, we learned of three major claims from John Bolton’s manuscript. I’m going to assume most of you have read about it already, so I’ll just include a short blurb about each:
  • In August 2019, Trump personally told Bolton he was withholding nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens: The New York Times (non-paywalled).
  • In early May 2019, Trump directed Bolton to help with his pressure campaign to extract damaging information on Democrats from Ukrainian officials. The president urged Bolton to call Ukrainian president Zelensky to ensure that he would meet with Giuliani. Mick Mulvaney, Giuliani, and Pat Cipollone were present when Trump made the request: The New York Times (non-paywalled).
  • John R. Bolton, the former national security adviser, privately told Attorney General William P. Barr last year that he had concerns that President Trump was effectively granting personal favors to the autocratic leaders of Turkey and China: The New York Times (non-paywalled).
    • Bolton was regularly appalled by what he saw from the president, the people close to him said. He wondered at times if Trump was acting in America’s best interest or if he was inspired by nefarious reasons: The Washington Post.

GOP Senators know the truth

The Washington Post reported that Republican senators have known since 2016 that Trump’s defense is based on lies:
At a Senate hearing in 2016, a number of GOP senators who are still in office today sat in attendance during discussions of the Obama administration’s approach to Ukraine. At those hearings, officials and outside experts repeatedly discussed the need to remove the prosecutor in question — Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor general — describing this imperative as central to official U.S. policy.
What’s more, Joe Biden’s own role in prompting this ouster came up repeatedly, and it was openly and explicitly discussed that the loan guarantees were being used as leverage to bring it about — as U.S. policy.
...GOP senators present at the hearing — and who remain in office today — included John Barrasso (Wyo.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), James E. Risch (Idaho) and David Perdue (Ga.).
What this shows is that ousting the prosecutor was about fighting corruption in Ukraine as a matter of administration policy — and that GOP senators understood this full well at the time. Indeed, none of that stirred any controversy.

Administration hiding documents

Just hours after the Senate voted against seeking new evidence in Trump’s impeachment trial, the Justice Department submitted a court filing revealing the existence of 24 emails that contain “Presidential decision-making about the scope, duration, and purpose of the hold on military assistance to Ukraine.” A lawyer for the Office of Management and Budget wrote in the filing that these communications are protected by “presidential privilege” and that the administration should not have to unredact the contents.

Still withholding a meeting

White House officials reportedly wanted Ukrainian President Zelensky to publicly back up Trump’s defense during Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s trip to the country last week: Before the cameras, they hoped Zelensky would state that “the president never pressured Ukraine to investigate Trump’s political rivals.”
Andriy Yermak, a top aide to Zelensky, has been pushing the Ukrainian president “to embrace a pro-Trump line for the sake of his embattled country.” The pressure on Zelesnky to take such an approach continues, as Pompeo told the Ukrainians that “Mr. Trump was not ready to receive Mr. Zelensky at the White House.” Meanwhile, Trump has twice hosted Russian foreign minister Sergey V. Lavrov at the White House.

Trump’s defense vs Trump’s defense

Trump’s impeachment defense team has pursued numerous lines of arguments during the trial that directly contradict the Trump administration’s arguments in court.
In the most recent instance, a Justice Department lawyer told the court that the House Oversight Committee should pursue impeachment as a remedy for the administration’s failure to comply with subpoenas seeking information on the decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census. District Court Judge Randolph Moss responded that it was “ really not a great state of affairs for this country," if the House should impeach the President over every subpoena that his administration ignores.
Throughout the impeachment process, Trump’s lawyers and Republicans have criticized the House managers for not going to court to resolve disputes over subpoenas; yet, the Justice Department is actively telling the courts that this is incorrect, that the courts have no place in resolving such disputes.
In another instance, Ken Starr argued before the Senate that the senators are not jurors and are, in fact, a “court.” However, the Justice Department has been arguing the opposite in its attempt to keep the House from accessing Mueller’s grand jury materials: DOJ lawyers told a panel of judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit that the Senate impeachment trial is not a court and “therefore not exempt from secrecy rules that shield grand jury materials from disclosure.”
“That argument has now been contradicted by the president’s counsel’s statements to the Senate, which confirm that the Senate sits as a ‘court’ rather than a ‘legislative chamber’ during an impeachment trial,” according to the filing from House general counsel Douglas N. Letter.
  • More contradictions: As I explained in last week’s Lost in the Sauce, Trump’s defense also contradicted the DOJ’s arguments in the case for Don McGahn’s testimony.
  • Tax returns: House lawyers also mentioned Trump’s defense while asking U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden of the District of Columbia to lift a stay in the case for Trump’s tax returns from the Treasury and IRS. McFadden paused the case at the beginning of January because he believed he should wait for the Appeals Court hearing the McGahn case to reach a verdict first.

Supreme Court sets Trump dates

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on March 31 in three major cases involving Trump:
  1. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s subpoena to Mazars for Trump’s financial information
  2. The House Oversight Committee’s subpoena to Mazars for Trump’s financial information
  3. The House Intelligence and Financial Services Committees’ subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Capital One for Trump’s financial records


Giuliani’s conflicts

In yet another example of Rudy Giuliani’s conflicts of interests and potential corruption, The Washington Post reported that during a meeting with a top Ukrainian official to push for investigations sought by Trump, Giuliani also applied pressure on behalf of a former client of his.
Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, for whom Giuliani has said he did consulting work, was on the verge of being fired by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from a separate post as the appointed head of the city administration, a move that would greatly reduce his power. Giuliani urged a Zelensky adviser at the Madrid conclave to retain Klitschko , according to Lev Parnas, a former Giuliani associate.
“Rudy told him, ‘Make sure Klitschko stays,’ ” Parnas, who participated in the meeting, told The Washington Post in an interview.
...Zelensky backed off the threat, and nearly six months later, Klitschko still remains in his post.
Giuliani's lawyers in court
A law firm representing Rudy Giuliani in the Ukraine affair is locked in a bitter court battle with a former partner that has revealed allegations of financial misconduct, sexual assault and office masturbation.
The firm, Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht, has faced an exodus of lawyers as the litigation stretches on, including two who were defending Giuliani amid a criminal probe launched by New York federal prosecutors.
...Pierce Bainbridge’s legal saga began last May when an ousted partner, Donald Lewis, filed a 96-page lawsuit alleging the firm wrongfully fired him on the basis of a false sex abuse complaint after he raised concerns about financial misconduct at the firm. (NBC News)

Senate’s Russia report

The Senate Intelligence Committee, led by Richard Burr (R-NC) and Mark Warner (D-VA), is due to release its third installment of its report on Russia’s election interference this week. It will reportedly focus on the Obama administration’s response to Russia’s operations. Warner “blamed the intelligence community's declassification process for slowing the release of both the third and fourth volumes of the investigation.”

IRS whistleblower

The Senate Finance Committee recently conducted “an extensive interview” of the whistleblower at the IRS who alleges at least one political appointee at the Treasury Dept. attempted to improperly interfere with the audit of President Trump or Vice President Pence.
Democrats who have reviewed it regard it as a deeply significant allegation that, if true, suggests that political appointees may have tried to interfere with the government audit process, which was set up to be insulated from political pressures. WaPo

Whistleblower attacks

The Education Department pushed out a whistleblower last December for making a complaint about the department’s treatment of transgender students. Civil Rights lawyer Dwayne Bensing leaked emails that revealed the Dept. of Education was rushing to take up a case to ban transgender athletes from competing on a team that aligns with their gender identity.
The Whistleblower Protection Act holds that employees have the authority to disclose government information if they believe they are witnessing a violation of rules, laws or regulations, gross mismanagement or an abuse of power.
Meanwhile, the acting-Defense Department Inspector General, Glenn Fine, told a subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee that “officials at the Defense Department are not taking action when the inspector general validates allegations of whistleblower reprisal.” Additionally, “advocates for those employees told lawmakers individuals are now less likely to speak out against waste and wrongdoing due to President Trump’s reaction to his impeachment.”

Paying for Trump to party

Taxpayers shelled out another $3.4 million to send President Donald Trump to Florida this weekend so he could host a Super Bowl party for paying guests at his for-profit golf course... The president’s latest trip to his Palm Beach resort and nearby golf course brings the taxpayer-funded total for his golfing hobby to $130.4 million.
...In response to a query, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham defended Trump’s trip and attacked HuffPost: “The premise of your story is ridiculous and false, and just more left-wing media bias on display. The president never stops working, and that includes when he is at the Winter White House.”
Her phrase “Winter White House” refers to Mar-a-Lago, the for-profit resort in Palm Beach that is several miles east of the golf course and that doubled its initiation fee from $100,000 to $200,000 after Trump was elected in 2016. Trump frequently mingles with guests at social events there. HuffPost

Other Trump-related legal news

  • The AP: Lawyers for a woman who accuses President Donald Trump of raping her in the 1990s are asking for a DNA sample, seeking to determine whether his genetic material is on a dress she says she wore during the encounter. Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll’s lawyers served notice to a Trump attorney Thursday for Trump to submit a sample on March 2 in Washington for “analysis and comparison against unidentified male DNA present on the dress.”
  • Just one day after the U.S. Attorney’s Office of D.C. reversed its sentencing opinion in Michael Flynn’s case, switching from recommending jail time to requesting only probabtion, Attorney General Bill Barr announced that he has appointed a new head of the DC office: Timothy Shea, one of his closest advisers. “As the U.S. attorney in the District of Columbia, Shea would oversee some of the lingering cases from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, along with a number of politically charged investigations.”
  • Regarding the DOJ’s recent change of heart in Flynn’s case, some have suggested political interference explains the reversal: “The first filing was delayed twice because prosecutors said “multiple officials and entities” needed to review it, and then today we get this. Something funky has been going on and it’s not hard to guess what it is.” Flynn’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Feb. 27. In new filings, Flynn says that - despite twice admitting under oath to lying to federal investigators - he now can’t remember the details he admitted to lying about.

Buying votes?

A charity allied with Trump’s re-election campaign held a cash giveaway in a black community in Cleveland last week, rewarding attendees for listening to speakers promote the president’s agenda. The charity, called the Urban Revitalization Coalition, is run by prominent Trump supporter Darrell Scott, a Cleveland pastor.
As Politico explains, the fact that the giveaway is organized under a charity allows donors to “remain anonymous and make tax-deductible contributions.” Marcus Owens, a former director of the Exempt Organizations Division at the Internal Revenue Service, says the giveaways may also be illegal: "Charities are required to spend their money on charitable and educational activities… It's not immediately clear to me how simply giving money away to people at an event is a charitable act.”
The coalition planned a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event at Virginia Union University, a historically black school in Richmond. Advertisements for the event said it would feature a $30,000 cash giveaway and would honor Trump as well as his son-in-law, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner.
But school administrators canceled the Jan. 20 event, saying it had been described to them as an “economic development discussion” when it was first booked. In a letter to Lanier, university President Hakim Lucas said: “The event advertised is vastly different from the event VUU agreed to co-host.”

Migratory birds

On Thursday, the Trump administration formally moved to weaken protections for millions of migratory birds. The new rules will not hold fossil fuel companies, developers, power companies, and other industries accountable for “incidentally” killing birds - even on a massive scale.
Since guidelines under the administration’s interpretation of the law were issued in April 2018, hundreds of ducks, geese, herons and migrating birds have perished in oil pits, on utility lines and in other operations without penalty, according to documents compiled by conservation groups.
...In May, a U.N. report found that 1 million plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction as a result of human activity. Four months later, a report by top ornithologists and government agencies found that nearly 3 billion birds across hundreds of species have been lost in North America. WaPo
  • “The Trump administration’s Bird Killer Department, formerly known as the Department of the Interior, just gets crueler and more craven every day,” said David Yarnold, president and CEO of the National Audubon Society, in a press release. Use this Audubon form to express your opposition to the gutting of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Defense news

  • CNN: President Donald Trump rescinded restrictions on the US military's ability to use landmines, weapons that have been banned by more than 160 countries due to their history of killing and wounding civilians, the White House said Friday. "The Department of Defense has determined that restrictions imposed on American forces by the Obama Administration's policy could place them at a severe disadvantage during a conflict against our adversaries.”
  • The Washington Post: Some of the Washington area’s biggest defense contractors are making more money than ever from classified military and intelligence programs, top executives told investors this week, as competition with China and Russia drives a wave of secret spending one analyst called “unprecedented in recent history.” Executives from Northrop Grumman and Raytheon reported double-digit growth in classified defense business over the past year.
  • The Guardian: The US dropped more bombs on Afghanistan in 2019 than any other year since the Pentagon began keeping a tally in 2006...According to new figures released by US central command, US warplanes dropped 7,423 bombs and other munitions on Afghanistan, a nearly eightfold increase from 2015. The increasing intensity of the air campaign has been accompanied by an increase in civilian casualties attributed to US forces. According to UN data, the US accounted for half the 1,149 civilian deaths attributed to pro-government forces in Afghanistan over the first three-quarters of 2019.

State news

Miscellaneous news that may be more relevant in specific states:
  • AZ Central: Arizona violated the Voting Rights Act by barring voters from delivering the early ballots of neighbors, friends and others to polling places, a federal appeals court ruled Monday...The policy against so-called "ballot harvesting" disproportionately affects American Indian, Hispanic and African American voters...Republicans who control the Legislature enacted the policy with the intent of suppressing turnout among voters from minority groups, the [Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals] decided. (read more detail)
  • Reuters: Fourteen U.S. states and Washington D.C. sued the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday to fight what they called the Trump administration’s effort to gut rules meant to improve safety at chemical plants and reduce the threat of accidents.
  • Orlando Sentinel: Former Florida Gov. Rick Scott destroyed evidence that would have cleared the employees of a Hollywood nursing home accused of doing nothing as the patients in their care died in sweltering conditions, according to court papers filed this week. Attorneys for defendants Sergo Colin and Jorge Carballo are asking Broward Circuit Judge John Murphy to dismiss manslaughter charges against their clients, arguing that deleted voicemails to Scott would have proved that employees of the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills tried but failed to get help as conditions worsened after Hurricane Irma struck in 2017.
  • Seattle Times: A panel charged with looking at ways to trim federal properties deemed excess has recommended [that the National Archives at Seattle be closed]. The U.S. Office of Management and the Budget (OMB) agreed and announced its decision late Friday that the facility should be closed...The move comes despite a letter sent Friday to the OMB by all senators from Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Idaho, and eight of the 10 Washington state representatives to Congress. The letter concluded the recommendation to close the archives “was flawed” and should be rejected.
    • Personal addition: As an archaeologist in the region, this outside decision, made “without engaging state officials, local officials, and affected communities as required by law,” is particularly upsetting. The archives holds over 100 years of history from the entire Cascadia region - including many records of significance to the 272 federally recognized tribes in the region. These records will be moved to storage in Kansas City and Southern California, far out of reach of the people who need to access them.

Immigration news

  • ABC News: President Donald Trump on Friday signed an order to impose travel restrictions on a new group of six countries, adding to the current travel ban...The U.S. will stop issuing visas for travelers seeking permanent residency from Burma, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, and Nigeria.
    • The Week: The fact that the ban explicitly targets those who are here to stay is particularly confusing when it comes to Nigeria, seeing as its immigrants are among the most likely immigrants to receive college degrees once they come to the U.S. In fact, an estimated 60 percent of Nigerian immigrants to the U.S. have college degrees, as opposed to 33 percent of Americans who do, Census data has shown. Nigerian immigrants are also much more likely to hold doctorates and master's degrees.
  • The Washington Post: The Supreme Court on Monday allowed the Trump administration to begin implementing new “wealth test” rules making it easier to deny immigrants residency or admission to the United States because they have used or might use public-assistance programs... while legal challenges continue in lower courts. ...All four of the court’s liberal justices — Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — noted their disagreement. (non-paywalled)
  • The Washington Post: President Trump's border wall probably will require the installation of hundreds of storm gates to prevent flash floods from undermining or knocking it over, gates that must be left open for months every summer during "monsoon season" in the desert...The open, unmanned gates in remote areas already have allowed for the easy entry of smugglers and migrants into the United States. (non-paywalled)
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BREAKING from WaPo team: Giuliani pursued shadow Ukraine agenda as key foreign policy officials were sidelined
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No child should be denied a loving home because of bigotry and discrimination. LGBTQ+ couples who want to open their hearts and their homes deserve our support—and I'll continue to stand with them. https://t.co/QqXJdazok8
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Dems should hire Merrick Garland to be their lead impeachment counsel
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So we are all clear on what’s happening: Trump admitted to asking a foreign government to open an unfounded investigation on his political opponent. He has also blocked Congress from seeing a WB complaint, vetted by his own appointee, as required by law.
You can’t make it up. https://t.co/r88r5qtry8
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If you’re wishing for another bonus deep dive OA, check out our pal @NakedMormonism’s outstanding deconstruction of Gaddy v LDS: https://t.co/akVqI74uLM
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This comes from a moderate Democrat in a pure-purple state: https://t.co/QwrhsWX71B
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Look to the Senate Select Committee hearings in Watergate, and how much they moved the needle on public opinion and congressional opinion on removing Nixon:
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Adopted by Unanimous Consent: S.Res.325 - Transmission of Whistleblower Complaint: Expressing the sense of the Senate that the whistleblower complaint received on 8/12/19, by the IG of the Intelligence Community should be transmitted immediately to Intelligence Committee
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Listen to my retelling of the 9/11 trickery, why I decided to run for office, and a little bit about gerrymandering. I might even throw in a some hope for the future. #NCPol #NCGA #Leadwithmyheart https://t.co/hnSTQo5vH4
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I mean, the fact that John Yoo is writing pro-Trump articles and not serving time is a national embarrassment already. https://t.co/1hoVJhPUTz
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BREAKING: Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "Today, I'm announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry."
"The president must be held accountable; no one is above the law." https://t.co/WZnIWjR7tP https://t.co/fAM81LJUju
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Breaking: House Speaker Pelosi to announce formal impeachment inquiry of Trump after resisting for months https://t.co/8HjXyr1pi5
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Full transcript ≠ full whistleblower complaint. https://t.co/jeCr506tAW
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The future of our democracy is at stake. I truly believe the time to begin impeachment proceedings against this president has come. To do otherwise would betray the foundations of our democracy.
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We have been informed by the whistleblower’s counsel that their client would like to speak to our committee and has requested guidance from the Acting DNI as to how to do so.
We‘re in touch with counsel and look forward to the whistleblower’s testimony as soon as this week.
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BREAKING: President Trump says he has directed the release on Wednesday of the unredacted transcript of his July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Trump has acknowledged that he discussed former Vice President Joe Biden in the call. https://t.co/gyytdUXosw
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DC federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a US citizen journalist who believes he may be on the US govt's "Kill List" (as a terrorist approved for targeting in Syria) — the judge dismissed it based on the govt invoking the state secrets privilege https://t.co/jkd3vPOnjd https://t.co/OSOPdxQYdW
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New: The 2nd Circuit ruled that a lawsuit challenging what's referred to as "prison gerrymandering" in Connecticut — counting prisoners based on where they're incarcerated, versus their home district — can go forward https://t.co/Nsu1ZmlK9v https://t.co/LC4qKl78xO
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I called for impeachment five months ago, the day after the Mueller report came out. Trump continues to commit crimes because he believes he’s above the law. If Congress does nothing to respond, he’ll be right.
We must begin impeachment proceedings—now. https://t.co/aHbX63coJC
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Just in: Here's the newly unsealed opinion from the judge in Roger Stone's case denying his motion to suppress evidence https://t.co/1ggqKUwEhS https://t.co/dS9cdPqZTS
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Using the presidency for personal gain undermines our sovereignty, democracy, and Constitution.
Intel, Oversight & Foreign Affairs just demanded the White House turn over documents re: reports of Trump’s demand that Ukraine investigate a political rival.
https://t.co/1asYtYO4B2 https://t.co/Q5JvFxE0qS
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BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi tells @AlexNBCNews when asked about impeachment: "Later today I will make an announcement after I meet with my chairmen, my leadership and my caucus.”
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NEW: Rep. John Lewis: "I truly believe the time to begin impeachment proceedings against this president has come.
"To delay or to do otherwise would betray the foundation of our democracy." https://t.co/wJmYqyqHpH https://t.co/lYGvv6IXQi
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UPDATE: There are now 158 Dems in support of impeachment proceedings -- including new frontliners Delgado and Allred. https://t.co/3RIKRLxnic
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Boris Johnson's plan to suspend Parliament has been ruled unlawful by the British Supreme Court. Here's what that means for Britain's prime minister and Brexit. https://t.co/WnGQ0Wdcb9
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This might seem like a small detail, relatively speaking, but government officials were instructed to LIE to Congress about the reasons why appropriated funds weren't being spent. How on earth did people go along with this?!! https://t.co/kLr9ZAL1yq
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OA317: North Carolina Rep. Christy Clark @ChristyClarkNC https://t.co/ud91e7Lcp7 https://t.co/bKosdgNRQA
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The House actually passed a bill calling for an end to forced arbitration. This is a major legal reform bill that will... oh, Mitch McConnell still exists? Never mind. (by @ElieNYC)
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When conservatives attack young activists like David Hogg and Greta Thunberg what they are really saying is “Hey, kids, stop trying to save humanity you’re fucking up how comfortable the status quo is for me.”
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The ex-Dallas police officer who shot and killed her neighbor in his apartment is set to stand trial for the shooting https://t.co/qXZ6CmkimA
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Abortion restrictions are costing states millions of dollars — in fees for the other side https://t.co/vAWajpZ4pY
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 22:25:02 UTC) of @RepJoeKennedy (2019-09-23 19:45:40 UTC):
Impeaching this President isn’t only about holding him accountable for his rampant corruption & continued obstruction, it’s about drawing a clear line for all who will follow him. House should not shy from our constitutional responsibility.
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 22:24:09 UTC) of @ABAesq (2019-09-23 16:00:13 UTC):
Just a normal legal news story where a troll army takes on law twitter over an anime voice actor: https://t.co/lhcSpBbpNz
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Trump on the Ukraine call transcript: “Perhaps you’ll see it, perhaps you won’t see that. It depends on what we want to do.”
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 22:21:36 UTC) of @KlasfeldReports (2019-09-23 21:10:47 UTC):
NEW: Manhattan D.A. Vance files memo opposing Trump's bid to quash his subpoenas, and the section of an accompanying declaration describing the grand jury investigation is entirely redacted. cc: @CourthouseNews
Memo: https://t.co/hWbh5sAwtJ https://t.co/Xq0LpxCKX5
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 21:15:30 UTC) of @axios (2019-09-23 19:41:09 UTC):
JUST IN: The chairmen of the House Intelligence, Oversight and Foreign Affairs committees are demanding the State Department produce documents related to allegations that Trump and Rudy Giuliani pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden. https://t.co/aQWqIHVl6R
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 21:11:49 UTC) of @MarchForScience (2019-09-23 15:15:59 UTC):
"People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing.
We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money... how dare you!"
@GretaThunberg to world leaders at the UN #ClimateActionSummit https://t.co/HMelJRRuJS
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 21:10:18 UTC) of @ZoeTillman (2019-09-23 20:34:46 UTC):
Prosecutors filed a redacted version of their exhibit list for Roger Stone's trial in November — Stone is objecting to some of the govt's intended exhibits, including a chart showing the number of written comms he had with the Trump campaign in 2016 https://t.co/TKsGD7XU1N https://t.co/mpk9Wj6tJm
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 19:53:54 UTC) of @sahilkapur (2019-09-23 17:13:01 UTC):
No tea party protests against this, interestingly. https://t.co/Dj6zasOeiv
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 18:03:35 UTC) of @AJHernandezEsq (2019-09-20 10:28:00 UTC):
@openargs I passed the FL bar! Thanks to law school and, of course, @openargs
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 15:47:04 UTC) of @Susan_Hennessey (2019-09-23 14:19:14 UTC):
You work for us. The American taxpayer pays your salary. You owe us answers. Your refusal to do your job undermines the most fundamental principles of democratic accountability. https://t.co/etDD4dO79w
RT by @openargs (2019-09-23 15:46:41 UTC) of @AndrewDesiderio (2019-09-23 14:35:50 UTC):
News: Schumer is demanding Senate hearings and a subpoena for the whistleblower complaint
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2019.03.01 03:17 kingdomakrillic [MEGATHREAD] List of artists dropping music on March 1st

Emily Warren
Hailee Steinfeld
The Spook School
Bria Valente
Joey Fatone
Imagine Dragons
Biff Bang Pow!
LeToya Luckett
Tyler, The Creator
Mr. Collipark
Cher Lloyd
Tami Hert
Paula Abdul
Jermaine Stewart
Debelah Morgan
Cunnie Williams
Eric Miller
Jay R
Tony Orlando
Farrah Franklin
Jonathan Knight
Alex Newell
Julia Gerity
Sheila E.
Tanner Patrick
Soulja Slim
Playboi Carti
Edwin Starr
Kherington Payne
Brooke Valentine
Brendan Vintedge
Ruben Studdard
Drew G. Montalvo
DJ Spinz
Joshua Morrow
Phoebe Snow
Hannah Elizabeth
Robert Owens
Troy Donahue
Quinn Marston
Alvarez Kings
Lynn Davis
The Dandys
Vanessa Daou
Mic Murphy
Billy Paul
Nicole Scherzinger
John Park
Rob Sonic
Brandon Bell
The Killers
Tony Caso
Michael Alig
Shawty Lo
Matt White
Tony Rich
The Pastels
Jacob Perez
Jasmine Guy
Erick Morillo
Marvin Rainwater
Ray Luv
B.G., the Prince of Rap
Brenda K. Starr
Richard Carpenter
John Lombardo
Edon Molla
Jocelyn Brown
Anita Wood
Alison Wedding
Andy Caldwell
Wafah Dufour
Christopher Williams
Kaya Jones
Apollonia Kotero
Taka Boom
Rico Nasty
Randy Fuller
Fabian Forte
Mike Will Made It
The Bell Sisters
Seals and Crofts
Sir Jinx
Yung Joc
DJ Keoki
Open Mike Eagle
Kelly Price
Lil Ru
Brandon Bell
The Dylans
Rainy Davis
Jeremy Messersmith
Scott Storch
Omega Red
Drew Lachey
David Cicero
Paul Parker
Frank Sinatra
Phife Dawg
Darius Rucker
Crystal Bowersox
Casey Desmond
Lee Soo-jung
Marshall Jefferson
Selena Gomez
Marques Houston
David Miller
Jude Johnstone
John Legend
Jack Norworth
Young Dro
Shaquille O'Neal
Chrisette Michele
Chris Panaghi
Eli Mattson
Mary Wells
Dionne Warwick
Chrissie Hynde
Mia Cox
Rozonda Thomas
Rory Uphold
Doug Lazy
Neko Case
Pharrell Williams
Dale Houston
John Thomas Griffith
Sandy B
Quincy Jones
James Maslow
Snoop Dogg
David Raleigh
Tony Butala
The Rain
Yung Wun
Fonda Rae
Luann de Lesseps
Alex Lambert
Dawn Robinson
Brenn Hill
Sev Statik
Gwen Guthrie
Val Young
Conya Doss
Vanessa Williams
Savannah Outen
Bob Braun
Bobby Edner
Devyn Rose
Simple E
Kandi Burruss
Queen Latifah
Becky G
Kevin Woo
Blue Raspberry
Julie Christensen
Beverly Bivens
Betty Johnson
Naturi Naughton
Aria Johnson
Kat Graham
Mitchel Musso
Inas X
Quando Rondo
Bobby J
Crime Mob
Gwen Dickey
Richie Rich
LaTavia Roberson
Siedah Garrett
Ariana Grande
Midnight Black
Dallas Blocker
Pink Guy
Nick Cannon
Kendall Schmidt
Chloe Temtchine
Angela Winbush
Willow Smith
Liz Lands
Ester Dean
Alex Goot
Coco Jones
Kelly Rowland
Jim Photoglo
Milan the Leather Boy
Maluca Mala
Ashley Ballard
Jeff Coffey
Kevin Griffin
Damion Hall
Amanda Sudano
Mervyn Warren
Tony LeMans
Brad Howell
The Ragamuffins
Charlie Puth
Tracy Young
Emily Osment
Professor Green
Darien Brockington
Big Rube
Keith Washington
Fatman Scoop
Jimmy Sweeney
Maluca Mala
Izora Armstead
Janette Davis
Rucka Rucka Ali
P. F. Sloan
Marlene Sai
Kevin McHale
Brenton Wood
La'Porsha Renae
Nick Noble
Kat Parsons
Carol Williams
Logan Henderson
Ann Nesby
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
Jeffrey Daniel
Trey Lorenz
Amanda Perez
Robin S.
Bubba Sparxxx
The Cheeky Girls
Jay Boy Adams
The Boo Radleys
Faith Evans
John Brannen
Bankroll Fresh
Jimmy Velvit
Samantha James
Eric Lindell
Foster Sylvers
Ty Dolla Sign
Anisha Nicole
Vernessa Mitchell
Taral Hicks
Imogen Heap
Stefanie Ridel
So Shush
Miss A
Triple H
Hyeongseop X Euiwoong
Honey G
Samantha Cole
Montell Jordan
Duncan Sheik
Best Coast
Gary Clark Jr.
Aaron Carter
Jenna Drey
Lauriana Mae
Diamond White
Ronnie DeVoe
Chantay Savage
Kaci Brown
Sevyn Streeter
Shaggy 2 Dope
Paul Petersen
Prince Po
CeeLo Green
Gorilla Zoe
Jim Croce
Oh No
Sam Tsui
Tyrese Gibson
R.W. Hampton
Tory Lanez
Gloria Gaynor
David Garcia
Ski Mask the Slump God
Brontosaurus Chorus
Jon B.
Alex Briley
Cyndi Lauper
V. Rose
Toni Braxton
Brandy Norwood
21 Savage
Gene Austin
Anita Baker
Mars Argo
Frederick Knight
David Archuleta
Nikki D
Rote Kapelle
Lance Bass
Bertie Higgins
Rob Thomas
Tionne Watkins
Charli XCX
Killian Wells
2 Chainz
Phat Kat
Chris Trousdale
Jody Watley
Britney Spears
Suge Knight
Bobby Rydell
LunchMoney Lewis
Howard Keel
Alyson Williams
The Jasmine Minks
Yvonne Elliman
Playboi Carti
Melody Thornton
Statik Selektah
Valvin Roane
The Quiett
J Rice
J. Holiday
Nicki Minaj
Cash Out
Mario Winans
Wendy Wilson
Sisaundra Lewis
Lil Scrappy
Polow da Don
Tom Browne
Lena Machado
Terrace Martin
Nordstrom Sisters
Katie Carroll
Ashlee Simpson
Horace Brown
Robert Hood
Rick Rock
Bryana Salaz
Mrs. Miller
Nicci Gilbert
Little Eva
Debelah Morgan
Bebe Rexha
Jimmy Griffin
Terry Ellis
Manny Lehman
Alexa Ray Joel
Shauna Burns
Debbie Deb
Gaelle Adisson
Lee DeWyze
Tyler Carter
Jamie Principle
Norma Jean Wright
Bankroll Mafia
Kat DeLuna
Narada Michael Walden
Andrea Brown
Larry Heard
Stat Quo
Kaycee Grogan
The Field Mice
Kristine W
Stevie Stone
Janis Martin
Michael Callen
Richard Street
Nebu Kiniza
Danny Madden
Jeanette Jurado
Stacie Orrico
Josh Levi
Carol Douglas
Rich Boy
Billie Eilish
Jay Park
Doris Coley
Djemba Djemba
BC Jean
Marshall Leib
KJ Sawka
Kendall Schmidt
Keke Wyatt
Jack Skuller
Al Green
Bobby Brown
Project Pat
Joey Pearson
Jennifer Green
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jenny Burton
Alexa Wilkinson
Barbara Tucker
Nyck Caution
Rah Digga
Noel Pagan
Roy Ayers
George Duke
Lottery Winners
David Jenkins
Marc Nelson
Joe South
Rachel Platten
Debbie Gibson
Stacey Q
Paul Williams
Rita Coolidge
Jagged Edge
Sarah Hudson
Rod Michael
Geraldine Hunt
Eric Benét
Becky G
Jim Crow
Dem Franchize Boyz
Victor Calderone
Kid Canaveral
Darryl D'Bonneau
The Chainsmokers
Don Vito
Vicci Martinez
We Are Toonz
Janice Robinson
Kevin Saunderson
Kelly Rowland
Fred Milano
Johnnie Allan
Dog Is Dead
Nikki Leonti
KC Montero
Tyrone Brunson
Nadine Renee
Sheck Wes
OJ da Juiceman
Siggie Nordstrom
Jamie Pineda
Jonnie and Brookie
Jan Errico
Frankie J
Youceff Kabal
Frank Bango
La Toya Jackson
Ben Bledsoe
Simon D
Mammoth Penguins
King Britt
Lisa Lisa
Cris Gunther
Cha Cha Malone
Lyfe Jennings
Tyler Hilton
Mikey Wax
Claudette Ortiz
Juice Newton
Nat King Cole
Helen Slater
Randolph's Leap
Herb Alpert
Sisely Treasure
Donnie Klang
The Mono Polys
Olivia O'Brien
Yvonne Elliman
Kristinia DeBarge
Frankie Sardo
Rich The Kid
Sarah Burgess
Kim Fox
Stella Soleil
Shy Glizzy
Chantay Savage
The Times
LaKiesha Berri
Terence Trent D'Arby
Chuckii Booker
Lady Miss Kier
John West
Keke Palmer
Jessica Simpson
Donna Summer
Kim Sanders
Crystal Waters
Kym Sims
Abra Moore
Karyn White
Sage the Gemini
Karen Dior
Tori Alamaze
Jennifer Lopez
Frank Infante
Tor Miller
Dallas Blocker
Queen Latifah
Samo Sound Boy
Lily Elise
Da BackWudz
Danny Tenaglia
Mason Musso
Shelby Flint
Martha Wash
Sha Money XL
Audio (B5)
Teyana Taylor
Trick Daddy
Hoodrich Pablo Juan
Petey Pablo
Karen Bernod
Cecy B
Dan Gilroy
Natalie Merchant
Dion DiMucci
Jamie Wednesday
Angela Lanza
Gloria D. Brown
Vicki Spencer
Hulk Hogan
Jillian Hervey
Dungeon Family
Angel Faith
Stephanie Mills
Kelly Sweet
Michelle Williams
Teedra Moses
Mighty Mighty
Christopher Massey
Nitty Scott, MC
Ann Curless
Sunshine Becker
Big Boi
Lani Hall
Dear Jayne
T. J. Lottie
Louie DeVito
Gabbie Rae
Patsy Cline
Syd Tha Kyd
Anthony Hamilton
The Melons
Penny Ford
Frankie Avalon
Terri Sharp
Walter Kahn
Nina Flowers
The Sea Urchins
Alan Osmond
Krystal Davis
Cindy Herron
Yvonne De Carlo
Rich The Kid
Sean Combs[2]
Jenifer Rice-Genzuk Henry
Roy Davis Jr.
Kelly Price
Jim Jonsin
Tabi Bonney
Tender Trap
Timmy T
Snootie Wild
Adam Lambert
Cheryl Pepsii Riley
Cindy Morgan
Jeff Redd
Pamala Stanley
Brie Larson
Lawrence Irving Wilde
Jean-Michel Soupraya
James Taylor
Shevyn Roberts
Frou Frou
Tito Jackson
Jamia Simone Nash
Gerry Beckley
Leif Garrett
Ron Holden
Gucci Mane
Doe Paoro
Toni Fisher
Captain Rapp
Valerie Landsburg
Bette Midler
R. Kelly
Fred Zarr
Queen Pen
Brian Hyland
Paul Laurence
Perri "Pebbles" Reid
Lina Santiago
Tony Yayo
Joey Pearson
Jason Weaver
Warren Storm
Clint Crisher
Andrea True
Randy Jones
The Ting Tings
Helen Love
Thousand Yard Stare
The Crookes
Amanda Brown
Byron Stingily
Kat Solar
Scram Jones
The Happiness Boys
Marcia Hines
Lorenzo Smith
Hard Boyz
Watch The Duck
Said the Sky
Nancy Holloway
Tommy Edwards
Kristin Hersh
Rye Rye
Miranda Cosgrove
Johnnie Ray
Doreen Taylor
Teairra Marí
Dee Dee Phelps
Nathan Morris
Millie Scott
Ashley Roberts
Christina Milian
Bridget Kelly
CeeLo Green
Chris Hawkes
Jennie Kwan
Rufus Wainwright
Karen Young
Tisha Campbell-Martin
Jessica Simpson
Kevin Woo
Georgie Porgie
Ross Barbour
Soce, the elemental wizard
Herizen F. Guardiola
Coco Lee
Papa Reu
Rico Love
Gwen Stefani
Slater Rhea
Ricky Fanté
Amber Holcomb
Oliver Cheatham
Jesse Boykins III
Joni James
Glenn Hughes
Shorty Mack
Don Lennon
Eli Lieb
Julie London
Nancy Whang
Peter Stuart
Duane Harden
Dun Deal
Gerald Alston
Clair Marlo
Mike Schurr
Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez
Aaron Smith
Steve "Silk" Hurley
Tone Loc
Cunnie Williams
Debbie Loeb
Trixie's Big Red Motorbike
Billy Swan
Don Rich
Franz Ferdinand
Teddy Edwards
Shamari Fears
Sheek Louch
Quintavious Johnson
Janelle Monáe
Nia Peeples
Darlene Love
Tee Grizzley
The Waltones
Kat Nestel
Aiden James
Veronica Falls
Tony Sunshine
Tramaine Hawkins
Rajiv Dhall
Tech N9ne
Keith Sweat
Shady Nate
Davina (R&B singer)
Johnny Preston
Marc Terenzi
Shannon Curtis
Fred LeBlanc
The Loves
Brad Howell
Ray J
Jeremy Jordan
A Girl Called Eddy
Gavin Becker
Ray Cash
Tyler Joseph
Abimbola Fernandez
Leanne "Lelee" Lyons
Charisse Arrington
Silkk the Shocker
Teena Marie
Blossom Dearie
Peter Brown
R. Kelly
Obie Trice
Ryan Leslie
Emily Warren
AJ Gil
Rosie Gaines
DJ Felli Fel
Diva Gray
Morris Day
Clyde McPhatter
The Siddeleys
Paul Sanchez
Jeff Timmons
Bob Seger
Paul Gilbert
Queen Latifah
Julian Velard
Keyshia Cole
Faith Page
Javier Colon
Sarah Kelly
Lynn Davis
Michael Jackson
The Charlottes
Troy Shondell
Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind
Tiffany Foxx
Troy Ave
Doreen Taylor
Philthy Rich
Bridget Kelly
Chris Willis
Johnny Gill
Bobby Vinton
Dan Hartman
Dead Disco
Katy Rose
Deniece Williams
Jim Jiminee
Barry White
Eric Redd
Toney Lee
George Tandy Jr.
Jessi Jae Joplin
Black Riot
Mandy Lauderdale
Leona Anderson
Glen Campbell
Jody Watley
Jonathan Pretus
Curtis Jones
Tim Leberecht
Tyra Bolling
Brian Littrell
Charlie Peacock
JC Chasez
Julissa Veloz
Nicole Scherzinger
Nick Lachey
Ol' Dirty Bastard
Frankie Knuckles
Garry Glenn
Trae tha Truth
Brian Justin Crum
Johnnie Johnston
Suga Free
Pete and the Pirates
Tony Thompson
Nick Dean
Siedah Garrett
DJ Disciple
Steady B
Bad Boy Joe
Chloe Rose Lattanzi
14 Iced Bears
Kari Kimmel
Phyllis Nelson
Tracie Spencer
Jacinta Brondgeest
Vic Dana
Jamie Foxx
Jermaine Jackson
Jill Scott
Dorothy Collins
Pastor Troy
Lionel Richie
Twila Paris
Kilo Ali
Jeannie Ortega
Jose Nuñez
Keisha Jackson
Lillie McCloud
Pearl Reaves
Sean Kingston
Cheryl Ladd
Trevor Jackson
Cevin Fisher
Cree Summer
Brian Kent
Man from Delmonte
Ashley Roberts
Trinidad James
Latanza Waters
Tay Walker
Swae Lee
Niki Haris
Kato on the Track
Joey Lawrence
Edon Molla
Jackson Harris
BJ the Chicago Kid
Wang Leehom
Gilda Maiken
B. J. Thomas
Tiffany Evans
Runaway GO
K. Michelle
Romeo Miller
Julienne Irwin
Tracie Spencer
The SeeYa
Nine Muses A
AOA Cream
Teairra Marí
Shawn Christopher
Terrence Parker
Judy Torres
Howie Day
Lil Baby
Jessica Sutta
Rhythm Power
Standing Egg
Teen Top
The Boss
Matt Morris
George J. Gaskin
Ester Dean
Shock G
Utada Hikaru
Positive K
The Shop Assistants
Margaret Young
Tim Cruz
Pal Shazar
Bobby Brown
Lana Lane
St. Christopher
Chuck Woolery
The Pipettes
Elijah Connor
Nichole Nordeman
Phil Campos
Allo Darlin'
Wayne Osmond
Tristan Prettyman
Larry "Jazz" Anthony
Snow Tha Product
Ashley Alexandra Dupré
Nikki Hornsby
Pussy Tourette
Amber Liu
Keri Hilson
Bob Manning
Cyber Sapp
Benny Profane
Sadat X
Vanessa Hudgens
The Ponce Sisters
Lynn Carey Saylor
Brian Cole
Joshua Kadison
Lisa Lopes
Tinie Tempah
Joan Osborne
Jane French
Gloria Estefan
Amber Lily
DJ Colette
Brandi Carlile
Ben E. King
Penny Ford
DJ Toomp
Robin Ward
Billy Preston
Michael Fennelly
Tim Dog
India Arie
Chris Ayer
Greg Kihn
Sam Phillips
Stacy Lattisaw
Childish Gambino
Sierra Kay
Larry Finnegan
Kenny Greene
Lil Louis
Viola Wills
Carly Smithson
Lisa Matassa
EJay Day
The Lightning Seeds
Mayra Verónica
Air Castles
Tara Kemp
Gerald Casale
Fickle Friends
Coco Lee
Terence Trent D'Arby
Aileen Stanley
Leah LaBelle
Shandi Sinnamon
Evans the Death
Tupac Shakur
The Sundays
Tevin Campbell
Stokley Williams
Roy Woods
Von Smith
Tracey Dey
Traci Braxton
Billy Vera
Fernando Perdomo
Marilyn Marshall
Brooke Waggoner
Trust Fund
Adrian Marcel
Gene Summers
Eydie Gormé
Ashley Hamilton
John Travolta
Lana Del Rey
Bone Crusher
Ricky Meléndez
Travis Scott
Jackie Moore
Post Malone
Michelle Visage
Carmit Bachar
Motion Potion
Bradley Skaught
Tracey Lee
Austin Mahone
Viola Beach
Michael McCary
Alfred Apaka
David Paich
Stefano Langone
Chris Akinyemi
Sabac Red
One Be Lo
R.A. the Rugged Man
Joseph Williams
Fantasia Barrino
Lisa Fischer
Dhar Braxton
Naturi Naughton
Regina Belle
Teresa Brewer
Lauren Wood
Jeff Palmer
Sam Kim
Tae Brooks
Sasha Allen
Teddy Riley
Leela James
Cyhi the Prynce
Lisa Lopes
Gaelle Adisson
Ryn Weaver
Joe Pizzulo
Paula Kelley
Dorothy Moore
Mali Music
Suzee Ikeda
Amanda Grace
Timotha Lanae
Kari Wuhrer
Victoria Wilson-James
Browning Bryant
Bobby Creekwater
Lane Caudell
SL Jones
William Hung
Rowdy Rebel
Merrill Osmond
Zella Day
Rob Skipper & The Musical Differences
PnB Rock
Big Leaves
Leah Kauffman
Raz Fresco
David Byrne
The Shortwave Set
Kriss Sheridan
Andy Grammer
Crystal Castles
Levi Kreis
Kathleen Bradley
Dana Glover
Flo Rida
Patti Austin
Omillio Sparks
LaToya London
B Angie B
Lynn Gunn
George Baldi III
Russ Columbo
Simon Curtis
Syleena Johnson
Spider Loc
Nicole Wray
The Jet Age of Tomorrow
Marilyn Chambers
Kimberley Locke
Camera Obscura
Waka Flocka
Scatman John
Marion Harris
Jaye P. Morgan
Taylor Swift
Peggy Santiglia
Toni Tennille
Tina Moore
Larry Ramos
Twisted Insane
Bryton James
St. Clair Lee
Eric Nam
Noah "40" Shebib
Harry Wayne Casey
Jussie Smollett
Paul Williams
Brooke Hogan
Bobby Orlando
Asia Nitollano
Saint Etienne
Michael Sterling
Lalah Hathaway
Richard Morel
Nick Lachey
Roberta Kelly
Pleasure P
Yvette Michele
Suzanne Palmer
Aiden Leslie
William Pitt
Amel Larrieux
Jack Jones
Five Times August
Bobby Comstock
Athena Cage
Chris Crocker
Raphael Saadiq
Lisa R. Fredenthal-Lee
Teyana Taylor
Ghetto Mafia
Brent Faiyaz
Al B. Sure!
Didi Benami
Eric Anzalone
Zhavia Ward
Tim K
Krystal Harris
Jon Peter Lewis
Avery Storm
Travis Porter
Jermaine Dupri
Cosmic Girls
Weki Meki
Dal Shabet
Golden Child
Alanis Morissette
Dan Fogelberg
Maxine Jones
Marlon Jackson
Bernard Jackson
Tony Bennett
CeCe Peniston
Shawn Rivera
Patti Miner
Tha Chill
Rich Homie Quan
Nancy Overton
Theophilus London
Wolf Girl
Pebe Sebert
Roots Manuva
Martha Wash
Justin Bieber
Mark Dinning
Quincy Jones III
Demi Lovato
Harry Chapin
Aretha Franklin
Jazze Pha
Taryn Manning
Angela Bofill
Lolly Pop
Johnny Carroll
Butcher Boy
Arthur Loves Plastic
Ray Smith
Will Downing
Loleatta Holloway
Tony LeMans
Chris Crocker
Kathleen Bradley
Joanie Bartels
Beth Ditto
Anita Ward
Tara Kemp
Debbie Dean
Dionne Farris
Andra Day
Lisa Loeb
Vernon Dalhart
Ivan Neville
Laura Jansen
The Rose
Block B
The Boyz
The East Light
Prince Paul
Pia Zadora
George Lamond
Dana Kletter
Tiffany Darwish
Corbin Bleu
Alison Sudol
Tyler Ward
Corey Clark
Kimberley Locke
Claudia Carawan
Musiq Soulchild
Diane Solomon
The Pooh Sticks
Michelle Phillips
The Mojo Fins
Alice Smith
Janet Jackson
Joyce Sims
Sho Baraka
Peter Cetera
Reneé Austin
Rahsaan Patterson
The Mr. Move
Teddy Pendergrass
Rome Fortune
Sleepy Brown
The Boswell Sisters
Steven Dorian
Lisette Melendez
Lil' Mo
Hex Hector
DJ Burn One
Storm Queen
Rich Kidz
Kyle Massey
Pale Saints
Taryn Manning
Oren Yoel
Christopher Cross
Denny Tsettos
Lou Johnson
Traedonya Chequelle
Trini Lopez
Amii Stewart
Gary Clark Jr.
Lydia Pense
Adrienne Bailon
Deborah Cooper
The Ethical Debating Society
Spice 1
Ronnie Gaylord
Will Oakland
Trippie Redd
Charlie Wilson
Patti LaBelle
Josh Wink
The Darling Buds
Boyz n da Hood
Sarah Dash
Lyrica Anderson
Liv Warfield
Christopher Atkins
Joyce Sims
Chantay Savage
Morgan Taylor Reid
LeToya Luckett
Jimmy Osmond
The Revolving Paint Dream
Josh Pfeiffer
Julie Dubela
Florence Ballard
Andy Williams
Terry Lane
Ras Kass
The Black-Eyed Peas
Suzi Lane
Brian Larsen
Canela Cox
Norma Tanega
Chris Salvatore
South Park Mexican
Tiara Thomas
Tameka Cottle
Lisette Melendez
Simone Hines
Ralph Tresvant
Brad Walsh
Alice Tan Ridley
Ray Peterson
DJ Riddler
Tommy Roe
The Housemartins
Paula Campbell
Miss Jones
Heidi Montag
Rappin' 4-Tay
Johnny Tillotson
RL Grime
Jim Verraros
Adam Joseph
Herbie Mann
Tristan Wilds
John Phillips
Joey Powers
Jason Evigan
Lex Barker
Jesse McCartney
Drew Lachey
Frances Nero
Willa Ford
Stephan Marcellus
Sam Salter
Sam Kim
Brigadier Ambrose
Bombay Monkey
Kevin Cossom
Jennette McCurdy
Natascha Bessez
Patti Dahlstrom
Clint Crisher
Nokio the N-Tity
Schoolly D
Asia Cruise
Erykah Badu
Urban Mystic
Gwen Dickey
Kenny Dino
Wendy Moten
Rhonetta Johnson
Gregg Diamond
Andy Pratt (-songwriter)
Ted Lewis
Doris Cellar
Angel Grant
My Computer
Carmit Bachar
Jack Griffo
Jessica Harp
Andrea True
Teddy Riley
Taylor Hanson
Ariana Grande
Becky Stark
Graham Salisbury
Shake Shake Go
Bree Sharp
Maurice White
Pee Wee
Cereal Killaz
Peedi Peedi
Sheila E.
Vincent Mason
Rich Homie Quan
Chris Cox
Amy Grant
Lauren Hildebrandt
Perry Como
Sandra Bernhard
Tino Coury
Stevie Nicks
Chip E.
Debby Ryan
Juliet Richardson
Jon B.
Kim Zolciak-Biermann
Big Gipp
Mike Rizzo
Chris Salvatore
The Smiths
Colton Ford
Janice Robinson
Quentin Miller
Stacy Barthe
Len Walston
Terri Nunn
Paul Wall
Talib Kweli
Alanis Morissette
Kimara Lovelace
John Torres
Alexis Jordan
Nathan Max
Erin Martin
Allie Gonino
Jenna Drey
Louise Goffin
Russell Arms
Jhené Aiko
DJ Ricardo!
Fantasia Barrino
Tje Austin
Ron Pope
Vikter Duplaix
Tyra Bolling
Peter Pou
Heather Headley
Playaz Circle
Jessica Jung
Bobby Brown
Pimp C
OG Maco
Howard Johnson
E. G. Daily
Zahra Universe
Schoolboy Q
Ashlee Simpson
T. Mills
Wesley Quinn
Hope Partlow
Ronnie Radke
Brox Sisters
Tevin Campbell
Cam Clarke
Bubblegum Splash
Purple Ribbon All-Stars
Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên
Sharon Kwan
Chanté Moore
Kris Jensen
Barbara Pennington
A.G Cook
Jenn Cuneta
Jackie Jackson
Goodie Mob
Sonia Tetlow
Bruno Mars
Michael Moog
Chosen Effect
Ari Gold
Dennis Edwards
Alex York
Slim Thug
Riff Raff
Whitney Houston
Yvette Michele
Alex Jacke
Cathy Carroll
Gil Bernal
LeToya Luckett
Barry Manilow
Teresa Graves
Melanie Thornton
Sandy Rivera
The xx
Trey Songz
Yung Jeezy
Eric Nam
Rebbie Jackson
Kimberly Wyatt
Alexander O'Neal
Jonny McGovern
Michelle Williams
Drew Sidora
Peewee Longway
Mariah Carey
Taylor Dayne
Marilyn Marshall
LaToya London
Admiral Fallow
Mallori Nicole
Koryn Hawthorne
Sticky Fingaz
Jessica Ashley
The Primitives
Roadside Poppies
Ann Curless
Andre 3000
Ricco Barrino
Fizzy Qwick
Soulja Boy
Réjane Magloire
Mariah Carey
John Park
Johnny Nash
Kevin Richardson
Ying Yang Twins
Coco Jones
Gavin Mikhail
YFN Lucci
The Tuts
Bear Grillz
Élan Luz Rivera
Kamuela Kahoano
Sabrynaah Pope
John Benitez
K Camp
Jean Carn
Darrell Glenn
Adam Joseph
Jim Ellison
Reggie Sears
Tragedy Khadafi
Bobby Goldsboro
Lisa Michaelis
Lady Gaga
Randy Jackson
Cardin Nguyen
Belle and Sebastian
Austin Roberts
Vidya Vox
Frankie J. Galasso
Mike Posner
Sofia Carson
Xaviera Gold
Roc Marciano
Thomas Tantrum
Kap G
Carly Patterson
Carnie Wilson
Drumma Boy
Rhetta Hughes
Judy Cheeks
Slick Rick
Freddie Jackson
Sean Levert
Killer Mike
Nate Ruess
Organized Noize
Colin C. Allrich
Jessica Simpson
Jason Weaver
Lory Bianco
The Dream Academy
Tyrone Brunson
Eden xo
Jason Derulo
Jeff Timmons
Robby Blackwell
Rick Ross
Debelah Morgan
Kim Basinger
Teddy Geiger
Meli'sa Morgan
Graciela Beltrán
Styles P
Maysa Leak
Sandy Posey
Robin Thicke
Regina Zernay Roberts
Gwen McCrae
Donnie Klang
Matthew Wilder
Jennifer Rush
The Notorious B.I.G.[2]
Michael Zager
Sunny Day Sets Fire
Sir Mix-a-Lot
Ray Simpson
Lani Renaldo
The Chefs
Elijah Blake
Sean Paul
Tricia Leigh Fisher
Barry Young
One Night Only
Hank Medress
Gary Jenkins
Steph Lecor
Howie Dorough
Sweet Tee
Bonnie Guitar
Colour Me Wednesday
Nicki Minaj
Larry Santos
The Lodger
Macy Gray
Jasmine V
Planet Asia
Martha Wainwright
Marissa Mishelle
Jeffree Star
Comet Gain
Reema Major
Tanner Cohen
Chosen Effect
Andrea Brown
Spoonie Gee
Jordan Pruitt
Lady Starlight
Kiely Williams
Steven Greenberg
Cassie Ventura
Anna Gilbert
Olivia Bonilla
Coco Jones
Lil Jon
Rod Bernard
Bobby Edner
Sonny Digital
Mat Kearney
Jessica Riddle
Taylor Hicks
Bobby V
Dennis Frederiksen
Dave Hollister
Smokey Robinson
Bonnie Pointer
Sean Tyas
Gwen Dickey
Kiley Dean
The Wolfhounds
The Real Roxanne
Rich Brian
Toni Arden
DJ Rolando
Tay Dizm
Meli'sa Morgan
Witching Waves
Red Spyda
Richie Rosati
Kevin McHale
Matthew Koma
Aaron Hall
Really Doe
She Moves
Soulja Boy
FKi 1st
Inaya Day
Harry Romero
Rena Scott
Sunny Gale
Russell Mael
Jennette McCurdy
Mark Foster
Ruben Studdard
Jeannie Ortega
Field Mob
Truth Hurts
The Weeds
CeCe Peniston
Crystal Waters
N.O. Joe
Mike DelGuidice
Oskar Saville
Rob Thomas
August Alsina
Gloria Gaynor
Jermaine Stewart
Verdelle Smith
April Stevens
Colonel Abrams
Alicia Keys
David Brigati
Ricky Nelson
Jordan Fisher
Barry Frank
Angel Clivillés
Chynna Phillips
Kelvin Mercer
Ari Gold
Cliff Edwards
Jeremy Fernandez
Kaila Yu
Naia Kete
Eric Roberson
Tricia Leigh Fisher
Solomon King
Jacob Latimore
Jennifer Hudson
Josh Keaton
Luke Benward
Nadia Oh
Patrice Rushen
Yummy Bingham
Debbie Gibson
Cheryl Ladd
Josie Aiello
Big Kuntry King
The Clientele
Dr. Luke
Imogene Lynn
Turf Talk
Robert A. Leonard
One Way
Two X
Jimmie Rodgers
David Ippolito
Jackson Browne
David Geddes
Carmit Bachar
Yung L.A.
Fat Tulips
Miss Issa
Percee P
London on da Track
Ray J
Paul Lekakis
Adina Howard
Paula Abdul
Mary Ramsey
The Soup Dragons
Dean Paul Martin
Selena Gomez
1017 Brick Squad
The Brilliant Corners
Cheri Dennis
Sean Ensign
Anita Ward
Mary J. Blige
Roxanne Shanté
Jay Fay
Nile Rodgers
Keyshia Cole
Snooky Lanson
Jarren Benton
Tatyana Ali
Joseph Lee Hooker
Frances Nero
Koo Chung
O.T. Genasis
Pharrell Williams
Rachel Borovik
Kevon Edmonds
Michael Nestor
Sabrina Claudio
Sam Milby
Madison McWilliams
Earl Holliman
Florence and the Machine
Viola Wills
Marié Digby
Swim Deep
Karen Carpenter
The Flatmates
Serius Jones
Tonya Mitchell
Felipe Rose
Trey Songz
Tha City Paper
Tamiko Jones
Ernie K-Doe
Ann Nesby
Chris Brown
Stevie Brock
James Fauntleroy
Chris Richardson
San E
Tony Martin
Kandi Burruss
Swagg Man
Tynisha Keli
Alex Jacke
Celeste Stoney
The Vaselines
Colette Carr
Skull Duggery
AJ McLean
Sy Smith
DJ Lord
Arch Hall Jr.
Fast Life Yungstaz
Shabazz the Disciple
Michael Nesmith
Patrick Cowley
Jennifer Lopez
The Redland
Aria Johnson
Karyn White
Freak Nasty
Sean T
Nicole Renée
Edmund Sylvers
Boni Boyer
Anthony Acid
Perri "Pebbles" Reid
Barry Wood
Rusty Hamer
The B-52s
David Homyk
Robin Luke
Chaz Robinson
Dawn Richard
Talulah Gosh
Lisa Taylor (R&B singer)
Michelle Lambert
Caroline Crawford
Toni Blackman
Sleepy Brown
Gerald Levert
Lanny Ross
The Montgolfier Brothers
Leigh Nash
Cassie Ventura
Pusha T
Pharoahe Monch
Vienna Teng
Kristine W
OG Maco
Billy Murray
Lady Bunny
The Hit Parade
Regina Richards
Josie Zec
Sheleen Thomas
Jim Mayer
Tanya Blount
Amy Kuney
The Platinum Brothers
Daron Jones
Kelli Hand
Raheem DeVaughn
Smoke DZA
Tone Lōc
Robin Clark
China Soul
Linda Clifford
Melody Thornton
Paul Simon
Vivian Green
Chop Chop
The Dinning Sisters
Kenny Lattimore
Vonda Shepard
Lillian Leach
Drake Bell
Carlo Mastrangelo
Peggy Lipton
Tha Trademarc
Miley Cyrus
Tweedy Bird Loc
Donny Osmond
OMG Girlz
Meghan Trainor
Thelma Houston
Dawn Robinson
Standard Fare
Tony LeMans
Cold Blank
Mario Vazquez
Barbara Tucker
Candice Glover
Nate Dogg
Jody Watley
Stealing Sheep
Marie Osmond
Baby D
Tina Harris
Chris Brown
Lacey Brown
Becky Baeling
It's Immaterial
Chris Kirkpatrick
The Days
Lauren Flax
Colby O'Donis
Dagmar Nordstrom
Colbie Caillat
Stat Quo
Kaya Jones
Roscoe Dash
Alex Wong (producer, musician)
Travis Garland
Tina Ann
F-ve Dolls
Big Star
Crayon Pop
Hash Tag
Good Day
Orange Caramel
Nine Muses
Double S 301
Girls' Generation-TTS
Sunny Days
Super Junior-D&E
Robbie Nevil
Jordyn Jackson
Kenny Baker
Stefanie Ridel
Carol Williams
Erika Jayne
Pattie Brooks
Cheyenne Kimball
Steve Arrington
Roger Troutman
Nicole Wray
Willie Taylor
Lance Jordan
Jack Splash
Jordan Knight
Brittany Murphy
Taylor Dayne
Roger Sanchez
Jessie J
Rachel Sweet
Red Café
Static Major
Patti Clayton
Ed Sheeran
LaTavia Roberson
Frankie Valli
Dawn Robinson
Connee Boswell
Sean Combs
Joanne Borgella
Nyzzy Nyce
Swizz Beatz
Ultra Naté
Blair Late
Rockie Fresh
Kris Allen
Morris Day
Justin Nozuka
Snoop Dogg
Sergeant Buzfuz
Alice Wonder Land
Gwen Stefani
Young Rome
Matthew Santos
Jo Ann Campbell
Crystal Waters
Lil Zane
JJ Project
Ulala Session
Cross Gene
Led Apple
Trouble Maker
BP Rania
Kathleen Wilhoite
Man Parrish
K.E. on the Track
Jessie James Decker
Shawty Lo
Bobby Helms
Susan Anton
Stacy Francis
Kaci Brown
Corey Clark
The Servants
Toni Wine
Anthony David
Mackenzie Phillips
Mark Mangold
Nick Carter
Blu Cantrell
Aaron Carter
Pablo Flores
Andrew Logan
Too Short
Lil Mama
Autumn Rowe
Kimberly Wyatt
Jimmy Buffett
Keisha Jackson
The Boy Least Likely To
John Steven Sutherland
T La Rock
Jack Scott
Sunshine Anderson
Kandi Burruss
Jeff Bernat
Jason Wade
Kristinia DeBarge
Kevin Garrett
Kiely Williams
NBA YoungBoy
Taio Cruz
Kathy Young
James Melton
Curt Boettcher
Carl Dobkins Jr.
Mark Janicello
Libbie Schrader
Traedonya Chequelle
Pastor Troy
Lisa Matassa
Slim Jxmmi
Karen Kamon
Sam Harris
Who Is Fancy
Al Downing
Sammy Adams
The Bollweevils
Neilson Hubbard
Penny Ford
Y'all So Stupid
Johnny Mathis
Irene Cara
Los Campesinos!
Martha Reeves
Danny Alias
Ester Dean
Keri Hilson
JC Chasez
Jem Targal
Yuki Chikudate
Shawn Stockman
London Grammar
Morton Downey
Vicki Lawrence
Keri Hilson
Billy Joe Royal
Amii Stewart
Kalenna Harper
Ana Laura
Reef the Lost Cauze
Thea Austin
Kat DeLuna
Gene Noble
Jeremy Fernandez
Jimmy Cozier
Paris Grey
Robert DeLong
Alex Faith
Jermaine Stewart
Seven O'Clock
Mind U
Coed School
Nick Lachey
Rob Stone
Billy Lee Riley
Kathy Linden
Frankie McCoy
DJ Puzzle
Don Cornell
Stephin Merritt
Mavie Marcos
Trip Lee
Tone Trump
Julee Cruise
Tamara Johnson-George
Adam Joseph
Bobby Kimball
Colton Jacobson
Christina Aguilera
Special Ed
Sarah Solovay
AmberRose Marie
Blood Raw
Mike Posner
Ava Gaudet
Adam Levine
Trinidad James
Hollie Cavanagh
Sam Sneed
Scott Miller
Alicia Bridges
Carl Thomas
Inara George
The Orchids
Kym Mazelle
Huey Lewis
Jennifer Paige
Megan Rochell
Sean Price
Keith Martin
Josh Groban
Jennifer Terran
Zak Waters
Janice McClain
Sage Francis
Ben Folds
Kevin Paige
Roscoe Dash
Lola Blanc
Anne Cochran
Antwaun Stanley
Girl's Day
Brave Girls
Hello Venus
Wanna One
Longguo & Shihyun
Wynter Gordon
Danny Rapp
Sauce Money
Renee-Louise Carafice
Slick Rick
Tiny Monroe
Shade Sheist
Janelle Monáe
Queen Latifah
Mable John
Mandy Ventrice
Ronald Isley
Harry Nilsson
Trina Broussard
Donnie Brooks
Kathy Troccoli
Tila Tequila
Elle Varner
Barry Carl
Justin Timberlake
Melody Thornton
Ray Stephens
Age of Consent
Miki Howard
Marc Anthony
Prince Ital Joe
Another Sunny Day
John Mayer
Sahara Davenport
Peter Lemongello
Fern Kinney
Nipsey Hussle
Tray Deee
Ryan Tedder
Tammi Terrell
Cheryl Lynn
Angela Bofill
Tamyra Gray
Mandy Moore
Kvitka Cisyk
Blaire Reinhard
J. Valentine
Wilbert Harrison
Teeter Sperber
Stacy Barthe
Adriana Evans
Michele Lee
Smoothe da Hustler
Static Major
Karyn White
Lane McCray
Jamie Grace
Brooke Valentine
Benny Mardones
Rooftop Moonlight
GP Basic
Mr. Mr.
San Quinn
Johnny Ortiz
Patti Page
Gene Pitney
Skeeter Davis
Lonny Bereal
Jimmy Jones
Jay Black
Bobby Vee
No Malice
Wendy Moten
Mayer Hawthorne
Paul Anka
Tamar Braxton
Jon Lindsay
Kris Stephens
Bo Bice
Steve Arrington
The Raw Herbs
Bernard Wilson
Vanessa Williams
Don Ho
Nicky da B
Bryson Tiller
Lucky Soul
Slim Dunkin
Heather Park
The Lovely Eggs
Chris Wallace
Phunky Phantom
Jennifer Hudson
Ravyn Lenae
Elliott Yamin
Taja Sevelle
Chris Bender
Emerson Hart
Arrested Development
Billy Joel
Kirsten Price
Royce da 5'9"
Count Bass D
Claytoven Richardson
Bobby Darin
Kevin McHale
Felix Cavaliere
Frankie Biggz
Braxton Olita
Sean Altman
Ryan Beatty
Gregori Lukas
Solange Knowles
Butch Cassidy
Eddie Fisher
Rebecca Black
Mike Posner
Young Thug
Wanya Morris
Melvin LaThomas Brimm
Pale Waves
Eli "Paperboy" Reed
The Miserable Rich
Aubrey Ayala
Leif Garrett
Harry Connick Jr.
Rudy Vallée
The Jazz Butcher
David M. Bailey
Cynthia Johnson
Lil Yachty
Anthony Preston
Diane Birch
Natina Reed
Keller Sisters and Lynch
Suzan Brittan
D'atra Hicks
Tracie Spencer
Katy Perry
Charlie Puth
Candi Staton
Annet Artani
Erin Hamilton
Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes
Leslie Mills
Jane Green
Skyla Talon
Brian Joo
Ryan Leslie
Stevie Joe
O'so Krispie
Don Armando
Elisabeth Withers
Rosemary Clooney
Lee Soo-jung
Paula DeAnda
Teddy Randazzo
Trina Braxton
Claudine Clark
Tommy Sands
Hilary Duff
Evan Farmer
Alex Jacke
Joi Cardwell
David Oh
EJay Day
Matt McAndrew
David Jude Jolicoeur
Johntá Austin
Ty Dolla Sign
Hector Fonseca
Micky Dolenz
One Thousand Violins
Vanessa Curry
Butch Walker
Ryan Farish
Puff Johnson
Gregory Raposo
Tara Kemp
David Morales
Crystal Gayle
Sky Blu
Kevin Woo
Bob Johnstone
Patrick Monahan
Charlie Applewhite
Kim Shattuck
Brandy Moss-Scott
Tyrone Wells
Remy Ma
Melvin LaThomas Brimm
Jazmine Sullivan
David Naughton
Denyse Tontz
Kat DeLuna
Sky Blu
Julia Michaels
Kaci Battaglia
Captain & Tennille
Joey Lawrence
Woody Rock
Bruce Sudano
Ramey Dawoud
Elliott Yamin
Cory Lerios
N'Dea Davenport
Keke Wyatt
DJ Dan
Ingrid Burley
Lil' Kim
Kouros Shahmiri
Victoria Justice
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2017.04.20 18:00 emre23 Loan/Academy Report & Injury List: 20/04/2017

The Headlines
Loan Report: 03/04/2017 - 20/04/2017
Jon Flanagan (Burnley #4) RB/LB
  • Stoke City (H), Premier League
  • Not included in matchday squad for 1-0 win
  • Middlesbrough (A), Premier League
  • Unused substitute in 0-0 draw
  • Everton (A), Premier League
  • Unused substitute in 3-1 defeat
  • Burnley are 14th in the league table
Mamadou Sakho (Crystal Palace #12) CB
  • Southampton (A), Premier League
  • Played 90 minutes at centre back in 3-1 defeat
  • Arsenal (H), Premier League
  • Played 90 minutes at centre back in 3-0 win
  • Leicester City (H), Premier League
  • Played 90 minutes in 2-2 draw
  • Crystal Palace are 15th in the league table
Lazar Marković (Hull City #50) RW/AM/LW
  • Middlesbrough (H), Premier League
  • Played 90 minutes on the right wing in 4-2 win
  • Scored Hull’s first goal after 14 minutes
  • Manchester City (A), Premier League
  • Played 90 minutes on the right wing in 3-1 defeat
  • Stoke City (A), Premier League
  • Started on the right wing in 3-1 defeat
  • Was involved in the build-up to Hull’s goal after 51 minutes
  • Received a yellow card after 70 minutes
  • Replaced by Ahmed Elmohamady after 86 minutes
  • Hull are 17th in the league table
Ryan Kent (Barnsley #40) RW/AM/LW
  • Cardiff City (H), Championship
  • Made a substitute appearance in 0-0 draw
  • Replaced Alex Mowatt after 71 minutes
  • Blackburn Rovers (A), Championship
  • Started on the left wing in 0-2 win
  • Delivered the corner which led to Barnsley’s opening goal after 3 minutes
  • Replaced by Adam Armstrong after 88 minutes
  • Wigan Athletic (A), Championship
  • Played 90 minutes on the left wing in 3-2 defeat
  • Hit the post after 42 minutes, before Adam Armstrong scored the opening goal from the rebound
  • Scored Barnsley’s second goal after 59 minutes
  • Brentford (H), Championship
  • Played 90 minutes on the left wing in 1-1 draw
  • Barnsley are 14th in the league table
Danny Ward (Huddersfield Town #1) GK
  • Norwich City (H), Championship
  • Played 90 minutes in 3-0 win
  • Nottingham Forest (A), Championship
  • Played 90 minutes in 2-0 defeat
  • Preston North End (H), Championship
  • Played 90 minutes in 3-2 win
  • Derby County (A), Championship
  • Played 90 minutes in 1-1 draw
  • Huddersfield are 4th in the league table
Ryan Fulton (Chesterfield #12) GK
  • Port Vale (H), League 1
  • Unused substitute in 1-0 win
  • Southend United (H), League 1
  • Unused substitute in 0-4 defeat
  • Chesterfield were reduced to 10 men after 45 minutes, as Dion Donohue received a straight red card
  • Scunthorpe United (A), League 1
  • Unused substitute in 3-1 defeat
  • Chesterfield are 23rd in the league table and have been relegated
Cameron Brannagan (Fleetwood Town #4) CM/AM
  • Oxford United (A), League 1
  • Not included in matchday squad for 1-3 win
  • Oldham Athletic (A), League 1
  • Unused substitute in 2-0 defeat
  • Peterborough United (A), League 1
  • Made a substitute appearance in 1-2 win
  • Replaced Kyle Dempsey after 78 minutes
  • Millwall (H), League 1
  • Started in central midfield in 1-0 win
  • Replaced by Markus Schwabl after 87 minutes
  • Fleetwood are 3rd in the league table
Lloyd Jones (Swindon Town #28) CB
  • Milton Keynes Dons (H), League 1
  • Not included in matchday squad for 1-1 draw
  • AFC Wimbledon (H), League 1
  • Not included in matchday squad for 0-0 draw
  • Walsall (A), League 1
  • Not included in matchday squad for 1-0 defeat
  • Swindon are 22nd in the league table
Jack Dunn (Tranmere Rovers #16) RW/AM/ST
  • Sutton United (H), National League
  • Missed 3-2 win through injury
  • Solihull Moors (H), National League
  • Missed 9-0 win through injury
  • Forest Green Rovers (H), National League
  • Missed 0-1 defeat through injury
  • Aldershot Town (H), National League
  • Missed 2-2 draw through injury
  • Guiseley (A), National League
  • Made a substitute appearance in 1-2 win
  • Replaced Connor Jennings after 63 minutes
  • Tranmere are 2nd in the league table
Allan Souza (Hertha Berlin #20) DM/CM
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach (A), Bundesliga
  • Unused substitute in 1-0 defeat
  • Augsburg (H), Bundesliga
  • Made a substitute appearance in 2-0 win
  • Replaced Niklas Stark after 80 minutes
  • Mainz 05 (A), Bundesliga
  • Played 90 minutes in central midfield in 1-0 defeat
  • Hertha are 5th in the league table
Pedro Chirivella (Go Ahead Eagles #29) DM/CM
  • Feyenoord (A), Eredivisie
  • Played 90 minutes in central midfield in 8-0 defeat
  • Heracles Almelo (H), Eredivisie
  • Played 90 minutes in central midfield in 1-4 defeat
  • GA Eagles were reduced to 10 men after 12 minutes, as Elvis Manu received a straight red card
  • Received a yellow card after 74 minutes
  • Willem II (A), Eredivisie
  • Played 90 minutes in central midfield in 2-0 defeat
  • Received a yellow card after 70 minutes
  • GA Eagles are bottom of the league table
Taiwo Awoniyi (NEC Nijmegen #9) ST
  • Groningen (A), Eredivisie
  • Played 90 minutes upfront in 2-0 defeat
  • Ajax (H), Eredivisie
  • Played 90 minutes upfront in 1-5 defeat
  • FC Twente (A), Eredivisie
  • Played 90 minutes upfront in 3-0 defeat
  • NEC are 17th in the league table
Andre Wisdom (Red Bull Salzburg #47) RB/CB
  • Kapfenberger (H), ÖFB Cup
  • Not included in matchday squad for 2-1 win after extra time
  • Sturm Graz (H), A. Bundesliga
  • Played 90 minutes at centre back in 1-0 win
  • Sturm Graz were reduced to 10 men in second half stoppage time, as Stefan Hierlander received a second yellow card
  • Wolfsberger (A), A. Bundesliga
  • Played 90 minutes at centre back in 0-2 win
  • Salzburg are top of the league table
Brooks Lennon (Real Salt Lake #27) RW/LW/ST
  • Vancouver Whitecaps (H), MLS
  • Played 90 minutes on the right wing in 3-0 win
  • Colorado Rapids (A), MLS
  • Played 90 minutes on the right wing in 1-2 win
  • Colorado were reduced to 10 men after 85 minutes, as Jared Watts received a straight red card
  • Scored the winning goal after 88 minutes
  • RSL are 6th in the regional league table
Loan Report: Season So Far
Name Club Sq App St Sub M G A CS* GC* PS* Y R
Flanagan Burnley 30 9 7 2 704 0 0 5 6 n/a 2 0
Sakho Crystal Palace 9 7 7 0 630 0 0 4 6 n/a 0 0
Marković Hull 11 11 10 1 896 1 0 n/a n/a n/a 4 0
Kent Barnsley 46 44 36 8 3034 3 1 n/a n/a n/a 5 0
Ward Huddersfield 45 41 41 0 3645 0 0 10 49 1 0 0
Fulton Chesterfield 43 29 29 0 2610 0 0 5 50 0 0 0
Brannagan Fleetwood 14 12 5 7 451 0 1 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Jones Swindon 32 29 28 1 2479 2 0 8 37 n/a 4 1
Dunn Tranmere 6 5 3 2 264 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Allan Hertha BSC 25 11 4 7 478 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
Chirivella GA Eagles 14 14 14 0 1254 2 2 n/a n/a n/a 3 0
Awoniyi NEC 26 17 9 8 960 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
Wisdom RB Salzburg 26 17 14 3 1225 0 0 14 3 n/a 1 0
Lennon Real Salt Lake 5 5 5 0 450 1 0 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Bogdán Wigan** 18 17 17 0 1499 0 0 6 19 2 0 0
Hart Port Vale*** 20 16 12 4 1047 1 1 n/a n/a n/a 5 0
Dunn Morecambe*** 22 19 12 7 1119 6 2 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
Marković Sporting*** 19 14 7 7 610 2 0 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
  • *Clean sheets and goals conceded are only counted for defenders and goalkeepers, whilst penalties saved are (obviously) only counted for goalkeepers
  • **Loan spell effectively ended due to long-term injury
  • ***Loan spell ended
Abbreviation Full
Sq Included in matchday squad
App Appearances
St Starts
Sub Substitute appearances
M Minutes played
G Goals
A Assists
CS Clean sheets
GC Goals conceded
PS Penalties saved
Y Yellow cards
R Red cards
Academy Report: 03/04/2017 - 20/04/2017
  • Norwich City (H), Premier League Cup
  • Kelleher; Whelan, N Phillips, Masterson, Hart (Brewitt 45’); J Williams; M Gomes, Virtue, Alves (Dhanda 82’), T Gomes; Brewster
  • 0-1 (Adams 10’)
  • Southampton (A), Premier League 2
  • Kelleher; Whelan, N Phillips (Hart 65’), Masterson, Randall; J Williams; Virtue, Stewart; Alves (Dhanda 74’); Wilson, Brewster
  • 2-2 (Jones 29’, Olomola 69’; Wilson 77’, 90+1’)
  • Hoffenheim (H), Friendly
  • 2-0 (Brewster, M Gomes)
  • Leicester City (A), Premier League 2
  • Kelleher; Alexander-Arnold, N Phillips, Gomez, Whelan; J Williams; Wilson, Virtue, Woodburn, Hart; Brewster
  • 1-3 (Gordon 22’; Moore OG 51’, Virtue 55’, Wilson 85’)
  • Reading (A), Premier League
  • Atherton; N Williams (Adekanye 65’), R Williams, Johnston, Glennon; Coyle; Longstaff, Sharif, C Jones (Camacho 75’), Millar, McAuley (Simmonds 60’)
  • 2-1 (Green 18’, Loader 31’; Johnston 47’)
Academy Report: Season So Far
Premier League 2
Division 1 Current Table
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts
3rd 20 11 4 5 42 24 18 37
Remaining Fixtures
  • 24/04 - Manchester City (H)
  • 08/05 - Everton (A)
Last 3
  • Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea
  • Southampton 2-2 Liverpool
  • Leicester City 1-3 Liverpool
Premier League International Cup
Group C
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts Status
4th 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1 Eliminated
  • Liverpool 1-2 Wolfsburg
  • Liverpool 1-1 Porto
  • Leicester City 2-1 Liverpool
Premier League Cup
Group G
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts Status
1st 6 5 1 0 17 3 14 16 Advanced
Knockout Stages
  • Hull City 2-2 Liverpool - Liverpool won 5-4 on penalties
  • Liverpool 0-1 Norwich City
Molson Coors Senior Cup
  • Liverpool 4-0 Burnley
  • Liverpool 3-1 Bolton Wanderers
  • 26/04 - Rochdale (H)
Most Appearances
  • 26 - Matty Virtue
  • 25 - Harry Wilson
  • 24 - Corey Whelan
Top Scorers
  • 18 - Harry Wilson
  • 9 - Ben Woodburn
  • 7 - Danny Ings
Most Assists
  • 10 - Harry Wilson
  • 8 - Ben Woodburn
  • 5 - Trent Alexander-Arnold
U18 Premier League
North Division Final Table
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts
3rd 22 14 4 4 50 33 17 46
National Group 1 Current Table
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts
3rd 4 1 2 1 7 5 2 5
  • Manchester United 2-2 Liverpool
  • Liverpool 3-0 Blackburn Rovers
  • Liverpool 1-1 West Ham United
  • Reading 2-1 Liverpool
  • 22/04 - Arsenal (A)
  • 29/04 - Chelsea (H)
  • 13/05 - Manchester City (A)
FA Youth Cup
  • Liverpool 2-2 Crystal Palace - Liverpool won 5-4 on penalties
  • Manchester City 3-1 Liverpool
Most Appearances
  • 27 - Liam Coyle
  • 26 - Adam Lewis
  • 25 - George Johnston
Top Scorers
  • 16 - Glen McAuley
  • 7 - Yan Dhanda
  • 6 - Rhian Brewster
Most Assists
  • 7 - Yan Dhanda
  • 5 - Bobby Adekanye
  • 4 - Rhian Brewster
Injury List
Player Squad Injury Sustained Initial Diagnosis Return (physioroom*) Return (imo**)
Joël Matip First Leg 16-04-17 Unknown 23-04-17 01-05-17
Lucas Leiva First Leg 16-04-17 Unknown 23-04-17 01-05-17
Adam Lallana First Thigh 26-03-17 4 weeks 01-05-17 01-05-17
Ragnar Klavan First Knee 14-04-17 Unknown 01-05-17 01-05-17
Jordan Henderson First Foot 24-02-17 1-2 weeks Unknown Unknown
Sadio Mané First Knee 01-04-17 8 weeks Unknown 01-07-17
Danny Ings First Knee 25-10-16 7-9 months 01-06-17 12-08-17
Ádám Bogdán First ACL 19-11-16 9 months Unknown Expiration
Adam Phillips u23s Back Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Shamal George u23s Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Harvey Whyte u18s Spine Sep ‘16 6 months Unknown Unknown
Herbie Kane u18s Hip 22-10-16 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Jordan Hunter u18s Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
  • **My opinion is based on everything I’ve read and heard about each particular injury and also a bit of guess-work in some cases
21/04/2017 - 23/04/2017: Relevant Upcoming Fixtures
All kick-off times are in BST
  • Arsenal u18s - Liverpool u18s
  • Hertha BSC - Wolfsburg
  • Bristol City - Barnsley
  • Chesterfield - Charlton
  • Gillingham - Fleetwood
  • Huddersfield - Fulham
  • Hull - Watford
  • Swindon - Scunthorpe
  • Tranmere - Southport
  • NEC - Excelsior
  • St Pölten - RB Salzburg
  • GA Eagles - Groningen
  • Real Salt Lake - Atlanta
  • Burnley - Man Utd
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2017.02.12 21:00 emre23 International Round-up, Loan/Academy Report & Injury List: 12/02/2017

The Headlines
International Round-up: 05/02/2017 - 12/02/2017
2017 South American U20 Championships
Final Stage
Brazil 1-0 Venezuela (Vizeu 89’)
  • Venezuela were reduced to 10 men in second half stoppage time, as Héber García received a straight red card
  • Allan Souza
  • Made a substitute appearance, replacing Maycon after 73 minutes
Brazil 2-2 Argentina (Richarlison 10’, Vizeu pen 66’; Mansilla 26’, Martínez 90+5’)
  • Allan Souza
  • Made a substitute appearance, replacing Matheus Sávio after 61 minutes
Colombia 0-0 Brazil
  • Allan Souza
  • Unused substitute
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts U20 WC 2017
1st Uruguay 5 4 0 1 10 5 5 12
2nd Ecuador 5 2 1 2 11 8 3 7
3rd Venezuela 5 2 1 2 8 6 2 7
4th Argentina 5 2 1 2 6 9 -3 7
5th Brazil 5 1 3 1 6 6 0 6 X
6th Colombia 5 0 2 3 2 9 -7 2 X
U19 La Manga Invitational Tournament
Republic of Ireland 1-2 Norway (Kinsella 89’; Ahlander 3’, Agouda pen 77’)
  • Caoimhin Kelleher
  • Played 90 minutes in goal
  • Conor Masterson
  • Started at centre back
  • Replaced by Barry Cotter at half time
Republic of Ireland 1-0 Portugal (Hale 69’)
  • Republic of Ireland were reduced to 10 men after 58 minutes, as Dan McKenna received a second yellow card
  • Caoimhin Kelleher
  • Played 90 minutes in goal
  • Conor Masterson
  • Played 90 minutes as captain at centre back
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1st Norway 2 1 1 0 4 3 1 4
2nd Portugal 2 1 0 1 3 1 2 3
3rd Rep of Ireland 2 1 0 1 2 2 0 3
4th Slovakia 2 0 1 1 2 5 -3 1
U17 Algarve Tournament
Portugal 1-0 England (Embaló 40’)
  • Rhian Brewster
  • Made a substitute appearance, replacing Jamie Soule after 55 minutes
Germany 2-3 England (Malone 70’, Mbom 82’; Sancho 14’, Foden 59’, 68’)
  • Rhian Brewster
  • Started upfront
  • Received a yellow card
  • Replaced by Stephen Walker after 77 minutes
  • Some dude on twitter credited him with scoring England’s 3rd goal after 68 minutes, but the German football association attributed it to Phil Foden
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1st Portugal 2 2 0 0 3 1 2 6
2nd England 2 1 0 1 3 3 0 3
3rd Germany 2 0 1 1 4 5 -1 1
4th Netherlands 2 0 1 1 3 4 -1 1
Loan Report: Week Commencing 06/02/2017
Jon Flanagan (Burnley #4) RB/LB
  • Chelsea (H), Premier League
  • Unused substitute in 1-1 draw
  • Burnley are 12th in the league table
Mamadou Sakho (Crystal Palace #12) CB
  • Stoke City (A), Premier League
  • Unused substitute in 1-0 defeat
  • Palace are 19th in the league table
Lazar Marković (Hull City #50) RW/AM/LW
  • Arsenal (A), Premier League
  • Played 90 minutes on the right wing in 2-0 defeat
  • Hull were reduced to 10 men in second half stoppage time, as Sam Clucas received a straight red card
  • Hull are 18th in the league table
Ryan Kent (Barnsley #40) RW/AM/LW
  • Reading (A), Championship
  • Made a substitute appearance in 0-0 draw
  • Replaced Adam Hammill after 89 minutes
  • Barnsley are 10th in the league table
Danny Ward (Huddersfield Town #1) GK
  • Queens Park Rangers (A), Championship
  • Played 90 minutes in 1-2 win
  • Produced a man of the match display
  • Huddersfield are 3rd in the league table
Ryan Fulton (Chesterfield #12) GK
  • Northampton Town (A), League 1
  • Missed 3-1 defeat through illness
  • Chesterfield are 23rd in the league table
Cameron Brannagan (Fleetwood Town #4) CM/AM
  • Rochdale (H), League 1
  • Unused substitute in 0-0 draw
  • Fleetwood are 4th in the league table
Lloyd Jones (Swindon Town #28) CB
  • Bury (A), League 1
  • Not included in matchday squad for 1-0 defeat
  • Swindon are 22nd in the league table
Jack Dunn (Tranmere Rovers #16) RW/AM/ST
  • Chelmsford City (A), FA Trophy
  • Not included in matchday squad for 1-4 win
  • Bromley (H), National League
  • Started on the right wing in 2-2 draw
  • Tranmere were reduced to 10 men after 56 minutes, as Adam Buxton received a straight red card
  • Replaced by Andy Mangan after 76 minutes
  • Tranmere are 4th in the league table
Pedro Chirivella (Go Ahead Eagles #29) DM/CM
  • ADO Den Haag (H), Eredivisie
  • Played 90 minutes in central midfield in 3-1 win
  • Den Haag were reduced to 10 men after 73 minutes, as Ernestas Šetkus received a straight red card
  • GA Eagles are 15th in the league table
Taiwo Awoniyi (NEC Nijmegen #9) ST
  • PEC Zwolle (A), Eredivisie
  • Made a substitute appearance in 2-0 defeat
  • Replaced Jay-Roy Grot after 42 minutes
  • NEC are 12th in the league table
Andre Wisdom (Red Bull Salzburg #47) RB/CB
  • St Pölten (H), A. Bundesliga
  • Played 90 minutes at centre back in 2-0 win
  • Salzburg are top of the league table
Loan Report: Season So Far
Name Club Sq App St Sub M G A CS* GC* PS* Y R
Flanagan Burnley 23 8 6 2 614 0 0 5 5 n/a 2 0
Sakho Crystal Palace 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 n/a 0 0
Marković Hull 4 4 3 1 301 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 2 0
Kent Barnsley 34 33 28 5 2308 2 1 n/a n/a n/a 3 0
Ward Huddersfield 32 30 30 0 2700 0 0 7 34 1 0 0
Fulton Chesterfield 33 29 29 0 2610 0 0 5 50 0 0 0
Brannagan Fleetwood 2 1 0 1 19 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Jones Swindon 26 26 25 1 2225 2 0 6 35 n/a 4 1
Dunn Tranmere 2 2 1 1 121 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Allan Hertha BSC 18 9 3 6 378 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
Chirivella GA Eagles 5 5 5 0 444 1 1 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Awoniyi NEC 19 13 6 7 645 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
Wisdom RB Salzburg 18 12 9 3 775 0 0 9 3 n/a 1 0
Lennon RSL 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Bogdán Wigan** 18 17 17 0 1499 0 0 6 19 2 0 0
Hart Port Vale*** 20 16 12 4 1047 1 1 n/a n/a n/a 5 0
Dunn Morecambe*** 22 19 12 7 1119 6 2 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
Marković Sporting*** 19 14 7 7 610 2 0 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
  • *Clean sheets and goals conceded are only counted for defenders and goalkeepers, whilst penalties saved are (obviously) only counted for goalkeepers
  • **Loan spell effectively ended due to long-term injury
  • ***Loan spell ended
Abbreviation Full
Sq Included in matchday squad
App Appearances
St Starts
Sub Substitute appearances
M Minutes played
G Goals
A Assists
CS Clean sheets
GC Goals conceded
PS Penalties saved
Y Yellow cards
R Red cards
Academy Report: Week Commencing 06/02/2017
  • Huddersfield Town (A), Premier League Cup
  • Grabara; Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Whelan, Randall (Hart 71’); Stewart; Wilson, Virtue, Alves (J Williams 55’), Woodburn; Ojo (T Gomes 62’)
  • 2-6 (Dyson 54’, 72’; Woodburn 10’, 90+2’, Virtue 22’, Wilson 43’, 52’, Ojo 45+1’)
  • Huddersfield were reduced to 10 men after 74 minutes, as Jamie Spencer received a straight red card for lashing out at Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • Liverpool have won Group G and advance to the last 16
  • Sunderland (A), Premier League
  • B Williams; N Williams, R Williams, Johnston, A Lewis; Coyle; Simmonds (Longstaff 68’), Dhanda (McAuley 75’), C Jones (Sharif 45’), Adekanye; Millar
  • 2-1 (Millar)
  • Liverpool u16s’ winger Luis Longstaff made his debut at U18 level
  • Liverpool u18s have secured a top 4 finish despite the defeat and subsequently qualified for Group 1 of the National Play-Offs
Academy Report: Season So Far
Premier League 2
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts
3rd 15 8 3 4 29 18 11 27
Next 3
  • 19/02 - Derby County (H)
  • 06/03 - Reading (A)
  • 12/03 - Chelsea (H)
Last 3
  • Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United
  • Sunderland 0-0 Liverpool
  • Liverpool 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur
Premier League International Cup
Group C
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts Status
4th 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1 Eliminated
  • Liverpool 1-2 Wolfsburg
  • Liverpool 1-1 Porto
  • Leicester City 2-1 Liverpool
Premier League Cup
Group G
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts Status
1st 5 4 1 0 16 3 13 13 Advanced
  • Ipswich Town 0-3 Liverpool
  • Liverpool 3-0 Huddersfield Town
  • Liverpool 1-1 West Bromwich Albion
  • Liverpool 3-0 Ipswich Town
  • Huddersfield Town 2-6 Liverpool
  • 28/02 - West Bromwich Albion (A)
Molson Coors Senior Cup
  • Liverpool 4-0 Burnley
  • Liverpool 3-1 Bolton Wanderers
  • TBC - Barrow or Rochdale (H)
Most Appearances
  • 21 - Harry Wilson
  • 18 - Brooks Lennon
  • 18 - Matty Virtue
Top Scorers
  • 14 - Harry Wilson
  • 8 - Ben Woodburn
  • 7 - Danny Ings
Most Assists
  • 8 - Ben Woodburn
  • 7 - Harry Wilson
  • 5 - Trent Alexander-Arnold
U18 Premier League
North Division Table
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts
3rd 20 12 4 4 45 32 13 40
Remaining Fixtures
  • 18/02 - Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)
  • 04/03 - Manchester City (H)
Last 3
  • Liverpool 2-0 Derby County
  • Liverpool 2-2 West Bromwich Albion
  • Sunderland 2-1 Liverpool
FA Youth Cup
  • Liverpool 2-2 Crystal Palace - Liverpool won 5-4 on penalties
  • Manchester City 3-1 Liverpool
Most Appearances
  • 22 - Adam Lewis
  • 21 - Liam Coyle
  • 20 - Yan Dhanda
Top Scorers
  • 13 - Glen McAuley
  • 7 - Yan Dhanda
  • 6 - Rhian Brewster
Most Assists
  • 7 - Yan Dhanda
  • 5 - Bobby Adekanye
  • 4 - Rhian Brewster
Injury List
Player Squad Injury Sustained Initial Diagnosis Return (physioroom*) Return (imo**)
Dejan Lovren First Knee 03-02-17 Unknown 27-02-17 27-02-17
Lucas Leiva First Hamstring 11-02-17 Unknown Unknown 27-02-17
Marko Grujić First Ligament 10-01-17 6 weeks 27-02-17 28-02-17
Danny Ings First Knee 25-10-16 7-9 months Unknown 12-08-17
Ádám Bogdán First ACL 19-11-16 9 months Unknown Expiration
Adam Phillips u23s Back Unknown Unknown Unknown 19-02-17
Juanma García u23s Knee 09-01-17 5-8 weeks Unknown 06-03-17
Shamal George u23s Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Andy Firth u23s Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ovie Ejaria u23s Ankle 28-01-17 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Harvey Whyte u18s Spine Sep ‘16 6 months Unknown 04-03-17
Herbie Kane u18s Hip 22-10-16 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Rafael Camacho u18s Unknown 08-02-17 Unknown Unknown Unknown
  • **My opinion is based on everything I’ve read and heard about each particular injury and also a bit of guess-work in some cases
Week Commencing 13/02/2017: Relevant Upcoming Fixtures
All kick-off times are in GMT
  • Netherlands u17s - England u17s
  • Rep of Ireland u19s - Slovakia u19s
  • Aston Villa - Barnsley
  • Fleetwood - Bradford
  • Gillingham - Chesterfield
  • Northampton - Swindon
  • Rotherham - Huddersfield
  • Roda - GA Eagles
  • Honduras u20s - Canada u20s
  • Liverpool u18s - Wolves u18s
  • Burnley - Lincoln
  • Hertha BSC - Bayern Munich
  • Barnsley - Brighton
  • Chesterfield - Bury
  • Eastleigh - Tranmere
  • Huddersfield - Man City
  • MK Dons - Fleetwood
  • Swindon - Oldham
  • PSV - NEC
  • USA u20s - Panama u20s
  • Liverpool u23s - Derby u23s
  • Ried - RB Salzburg
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2017.02.05 19:45 emre23 International Round-up, Loan/Academy Report & Injury List: 05/02/2017

The Headlines
International Round-up: 30/01/2017 - 04/02/2017
2017 South American U20 Championships
Final Stage
Ecuador 2-2 Brazil (Jaramillo pen 70’, Estupiñán pen 78’; Arana 15’, Maycon 25’)
  • Allan Souza
  • Unused substitute
Uruguay 2-1 Brazil (Amaral 60’, Viña 90+2’; Arana 24’)
  • Brazil were reduced to 10 men after 68 minutes, as Lucas Cunha received a second yellow card
  • Brazil were reduced to 9 men in second half stoppage time, as Lyanco received a second yellow card
  • Allan Souza
  • Unused substitute
Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1st Uruguay 2 2 0 0 5 1 4 6
2nd Venezuela 2 1 1 0 5 3 2 4
3rd Argentina 2 1 0 1 2 4 -2 3
4th Brazil 2 0 1 1 3 4 -1 1
5th Colombia 2 0 1 1 2 3 -1 1
6th Ecuador 2 0 1 1 4 6 -2 1
Loan Report: Week Commencing 30/01/2017
Jon Flanagan (Burnley #4) RB/LB
  • Leicester City (H), Premier League
  • Unused substitute in 1-0 win
  • Watford (A), Premier League
  • Unused substitute in 2-1 defeat
  • Burnley are 12th in the league table
Mamadou Sakho (Crystal Palace #12) CB
  • Sunderland (H), Premier League
  • Unused substitute in 0-4 defeat
  • Palace are 19th in the league table
Lazar Marković (Hull City #50) RW/AM/LW
  • Manchester United (A), Premier League
  • Played 90 minutes on the right wing in 0-0 draw
  • Received a yellow card after 81 minutes
  • Hit the post after 86 minutes
  • Liverpool (A), Premier League
  • Ineligible to face his parent club in shitshow
  • Hull are 18th in the league table
Ryan Kent (Barnsley #40) RW/AM/LW
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers (H), Championship
  • Started on the right wing in 1-3 defeat
  • Barnsley were reduced to 10 men after 40 minutes, as Alex Mowatt received a straight red card
  • Replaced by Matty James at half time
  • Preston North End (H), Championship
  • Started on the left wing in 0-0 draw
  • Replaced by Ryan Hedges after 83 minutes
  • Barnsley are 9th in the league table
Danny Ward (Huddersfield Town #1) GK
  • Brighton & Hove Albion (H), Championship
  • Played 90 minutes in 3-1 win
  • Brighton were reduced to 10 men after 67 minutes, as Lewis Dunk received a second yellow card
  • Leeds United (H), Championship
  • Played 90 minutes in 2-1 win
  • Huddersfield are 4th in the league table
Ryan Fulton (Chesterfield #12) GK
  • Oldham Athletic (H), League 1
  • Played 90 minutes in 0-1 defeat
  • Oldham were reduced to 10 men in first half stoppage time, as Anthony Gerrard received a second yellow card
  • Chesterfield are 23rd in the league table
Cameron Brannagan (Fleetwood Town #4) CM/AM
  • Charlton Athletic (A), League 1
  • Made a substitute appearance in 1-1 draw
  • Replaced Conor McLaughlin after 71 minutes
  • Charlton were reduced to 10 men in second half stoppage time, as Nathan Byrne received a straight red card
  • Fleetwood are 4th in the league table
Lloyd Jones (Swindon Town #28) CB
  • Oxford United (H), League 1
  • Played 90 minutes in 1-2 defeat
  • Received a yellow card after 32 minutes
  • Swindon were reduced to 10 men in second half stoppage time, as former Liverpool goalkeeper Lawrence Vigouroux received a straight red card
  • Swindon are 20th in the league table
Jack Dunn (Tranmere Rovers #16) RW/AM/ST
  • Chelmsford City (H), FA Trophy
  • Made a substitute appearance in 1-1 draw
  • Replaced Lois Maynard at half time
Pedro Chirivella (Go Ahead Eagles #29) DM/CM
  • NEC Nijmegen (A), Eredivisie
  • Played 90 minutes in central midfield in 1-2 win
  • Assisted Jarchinio Antonia for GA Eagles’ second goal after 25 minutes
  • GA Eagles were reduced to 10 men after 63 minutes, as Elvis Manu received a second yellow card
  • GA Eagles are bottom of the league table
Taiwo Awoniyi (NEC Nijmegen #9) ST
  • Go Ahead Eagles (A), Eredivisie
  • Unused substitute in 1-2 defeat
  • NEC are 10th in the league table
Loan Report: Season So Far
Name Club Sq App St Sub M G A CS* GC* PS* Y R
Flanagan Burnley 22 8 6 2 614 0 0 5 5 n/a 2 0
Sakho Crystal Palace 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 n/a 0 0
Marković Hull 3 3 2 1 211 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 2 0
Kent Barnsley 33 32 28 4 2307 2 1 n/a n/a n/a 3 0
Ward Huddersfield 31 29 29 0 2610 0 0 7 33 1 0 0
Fulton Chesterfield 33 29 29 0 2610 0 0 5 50 0 0 0
Brannagan Fleetwood 1 1 0 1 19 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Jones Swindon 26 26 25 1 2225 2 0 6 35 n/a 4 1
Dunn Tranmere 1 1 0 1 45 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Allan Hertha BSC 18 9 3 6 378 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
Chirivella GA Eagles 4 4 4 0 354 1 1 n/a n/a n/a 0 0
Awoniyi NEC 18 12 6 6 597 0 0 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
Wisdom RB Salzburg 17 11 8 3 685 0 0 8 3 n/a 1 0
Bogdán Wigan** 18 17 17 0 1499 0 0 6 19 2 0 0
Hart Port Vale*** 20 16 12 4 1047 1 1 n/a n/a n/a 5 0
Dunn Morecambe*** 22 19 12 7 1119 6 2 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
Marković Sporting*** 19 14 7 7 610 2 0 n/a n/a n/a 1 0
  • *Clean sheets and goals conceded are only counted for defenders and goalkeepers, whilst penalties saved are (obviously) only counted for goalkeepers
  • **Loan spell effectively ended due to long-term injury
  • ***Loan spell ended
Abbreviation Full
Sq Included in matchday squad
App Appearances
St Starts
Sub Substitute appearances
M Minutes played
G Goals
A Assists
CS Clean sheets
GC Goals conceded
PS Penalties saved
Y Yellow cards
R Red cards
Academy Report: Week Commencing 30/01/2017
  • Bolton Wanderers (H), Molson Coors Senior Cup
  • Kelleher; Whelan, N Phillips, Brewitt, Randall; Stewart; Wilson, Virtue (Alves 67’), M Gomes, Ojo (Brewster 76’); T Gomes (Hart 83’)
  • 3-1 (Wilson pen 29’, pen 82’, Brewitt 67’; Newell 88’)
  • Tottenham Hotspur (H), Premier League 2
  • Grabara; Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Whelan, Randall; Stewart; Wilson, Virtue (J Williams 83’), Woodburn, Ojo; Brewster
  • 3 -2 (Wilson pen 27’, Ojo 47’, Stewart 82’; Edwards 18’, Miller 26’)
  • West Bromwich Albion (H), Premier League
  • Kelleher; N Williams, R Williams, Johnston, A Lewis; Coyle, C Jones; Dhanda (Hunter 80’), Millar, Adekanye; Simmonds (McAuley 78’)
  • 2-2 (Simmonds pen, Johnston)
Academy Report: Season So Far
Premier League 2
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts
3rd 15 8 3 4 29 18 11 27
Next 3
  • 19/02 - Derby County (H)
  • 06/03 - Reading (A)
  • 12/03 - Chelsea (H)
Last 3
  • Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United
  • Sunderland 0-0 Liverpool
  • Liverpool 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur
Premier League International Cup
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts Status
4th 3 0 1 2 3 5 -2 1 Eliminated
  • Liverpool 1-2 Wolfsburg
  • Liverpool 1-1 Porto
  • Leicester City 2-1 Liverpool
Premier League Cup
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts
1st 4 3 1 0 10 1 9 10
  • Ipswich Town 0-3 Liverpool
  • Liverpool 3-0 Huddersfield Town
  • Liverpool 1-1 West Bromwich Albion
  • Liverpool 3-0 Ipswich Town
  • 12/02 - Huddersfield Town (A)
  • 28/02 - West Bromwich Albion (A)
Molson Coors Senior Cup
  • Liverpool 4-0 Burnley
  • Liverpool 3-1 Bolton Wanderers
Most Appearances
  • 20 - Harry Wilson
  • 18 - Brooks Lennon
  • 17 - Cameron Brannagan
Top Scorers
  • 12 - Harry Wilson
  • 7 - Danny Ings
  • 6 - Ben Woodburn
Most Assists
  • 6 - Harry Wilson
  • 6 - Ben Woodburn
  • 5 - Pedro Chirivella
U18 Premier League
North Division Table
Pos P W D L F A GD Pts
3rd 19 12 4 3 44 30 14 40
Remaining Fixtures
  • 11/02 - Sunderland (A)
  • 18/02 - Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)
  • 04/03 - Manchester City (H)
Last 3
  • Liverpool 1-0 Newcastle United
  • Liverpool 2-0 Derby County
  • Liverpool 2-2 West Bromwich Albion
FA Youth Cup
  • Liverpool 2-2 Crystal Palace - Liverpool won 5-4 on penalties
  • Manchester City 3-1 Liverpool
Most Appearances
  • 21 - Adam Lewis
  • 20 - Liam Coyle
  • 19 - Yan Dhanda
Top Scorers
  • 13 - Glen McAuley
  • 7 - Yan Dhanda
  • 6 - Rhian Brewster
Most Assists
  • 8 - Yan Dhanda
  • 5 - Bobby Adekanye
  • 4 - Rhian Brewster
Injury List
Player Squad Injury Sustained Initial Diagnosis Return (physioroom*) Return (imo**)
Dejan Lovren First Knee 03-02-17 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Marko Grujić First Ligament 10-01-17 6 weeks 27-02-17 28-02-17
Danny Ings First Knee 25-10-16 7-9 months Unknown Aug '17
Ádám Bogdán First ACL 19-11-16 9 months Unknown Expiration
Adam Phillips u23s Back Unknown Unknown Unknown 12-02-17
Juanma García u23s Knee 09-01-17 5-8 weeks Unknown 06-03-17
Shamal George u23s Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Andy Firth u23s Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ovie Ejaria u23s Ankle 28-01-17 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Harvey Whyte u18s Spine Sep ‘16 6 months Unknown 04-03-17
Herbie Kane u18s Hip 22-10-16 Unknown Unknown Unknown
  • **My opinion is based on everything I’ve read and heard about each particular injury and also a bit of guess-work in some cases
05/02/2017 - 12/02/2017: Relevant Upcoming Fixtures
All kick-off times are in GMT
  • Brazil u20s - Venezuela u20s
  • Chelmsford - Tranmere
  • Brazil u20s - Argentina u20s
  • Zwolle - NEC
  • Sunderland u18s - Liverpool u18s
  • Arsenal - Hull
  • Bury - Swindon
  • Fleetwood - Rochdale
  • Northampton - Chesterfield
  • QPR - Huddersfield
  • Reading - Barnsley
  • Stoke - Crystal Palace
  • Tranmere - Bromley
  • RB Salzburg - St Pölten
  • GA Eagles - Den Haag
  • Colombia u20s - Brazil u20s
  • Burnley - Chelsea
  • Huddersfield u23s - Liverpool u23s
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2016.10.31 15:49 dinkydarko UPDATE: If Driver of the Day was worth 10 WDC points..

As a follow up to my (widely unpopular) post last week, I bring you an... UPDATE:
Pos. Driver Points DOD Points* Change
1 ROS 359 10 0
2 HAM 340 10 0
3 RIC 252 10 0
4 VES 247 70 2
5 VET 207 20 -1
6 RAI 188 10 -1
7 PER 105 20 0
8 BOT 85 0 0
9 HUL 60 0 0
10 ALO 52 0 0
11 MAS 51 0 0
12 GRO 49 20 1
13 SAI 38 0 -1
14 KVY 35 10 0
15 BUT 21 0 0
16 MAG 17 10 0
17 PAL 1 0 0
18 WEH 1 0 0
19 VAN 1 0 0
20 GUT 0 0 0
21 ERI 0 0 0
22 NAS 0 0 0
23 HAR 0 0 0
24 OCO 0 0 0
*(10 points for each DoD award)
SUMMARY: Vettel's DoD in Mexico didn't help him much, he is still a long way behind Max. One DoD could really change the WDC between Nico and Lewis, but it seems unlikely either will get one, they've not been popular this year, what with being so dominant.
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2016.09.21 20:14 LocksTheFox Match Thread: Southampton vs Crystal Palace (EFL Cup)

Southampton 2-0 Crystal Palace
EFL Cup Third Round
Venue: St. Mary's Stadium, Southampton, Hampshire
Referee: James Adcock


Manager: Claude Puel

Starting XI

# Pos. Player
13 GK Alex McCarthy
33 LB Matt Targett
6 CB José Fonte (C)
3 CB Maya Yoshida
15 RB Cuco Martina
18 DM Harrison Reed
4 CM Jordy Clasie
16 CM James Ward-Prowse
42 AM Jake Hesketh (Goal 63') (off 77')
7 ST Shane Long (off 88')
10 ST Charlie Austin (PK Goal 33') (off 57')


Harry Lewis (GK), Jack Stephens, Cédric, Steven Davis, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg (on 77'), Dušan Tadić (on 88'), Nathan Redmond (on 57')

Crystal Palace

Manager: Alan "I Can't Dance" Pardew

Starting XI

# Pos. Player
13 GK Wayne Hennessey
19 LB Zeki Fryers
6 CB Scott Dann (C) (off 18')
27 CB Damien Delaney
2 RB Joel Ward
22 CM Jordon Mutch (off 69')
7 CM Yohan Cabaye
26 LW Bakary Sako (off 64')
14 AM Lee Chung-yong
11 RW Wilfried Zaha
21 CF Connor Wickham


Julián Speroni (GK), Martin Kelly (on 18'), Mathieu Flamini, Jason Puncheon (on 69'), Andros Townsend, Christian Benteke (on 64'), Fraizer Campbell.

Match Action

18': PALACE SUB Kelly replaces an injured Scott Dann
32': PENALTY TO SAINTS as Kelly downs Long in the box.
33': GOALLLLLL Austin converts coolly! SOU 1-0 PAL
41': Hesketh with a perfect ball for Austin, saved by Hennessey
45': TWO minutes of added time
45+1': Shlong Shlongs it up again
45+2': BEEEEEEEP halftime
HT: Southampton 1-0 Crystal Palace
57': SAINTS SUB Goal scorer Austin off for Redmond, it's about to get pacey here
64' PALACE SUB Benteke for Sako. Shit for a guy whose name sounds like Sack.
69' #nice PALACE SUB Puncheon on for Mutch
77' SAINTS SUB Hesketh for PEH
90+idk' I missed the end walking between classes but YAY WE WIN
FT: Southampton 2-0 Crystal Palace
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2014.05.03 00:36 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am CloudFlare CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince, AMA

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Date: 2014-05-02
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How is it possible to charge one flat rate to all customers despite the fact that some of them use a couple of TB's a month and other PB's? At a high level: People hate their cell phone providers because their bills are unpredictable. We don't want to be thought of like a cell phone provider.
The scale economics in our business are significant. Our primary variable cost is bandwidth. However, the rate at which bandwidth prices drop is very fast as you start to get to scale. We're now at the scale where we can peer off a significant portion of our traffic, making it effectively free to us. If we can continue to push bandwidth toward zero then it makes sense for us to not charge customers more based on that.
The other thing is that we get smarter about stopping threats with every request that routes through our network. If we charged for bandwidth then it would cause customers to potentially avoid routing traffic through us. That goes against the core value that we provide: effectively a neighborhood watch for the Internet.
Hi Matthew, what are your thoughts about the recent news surrounding the FCC's new net neutrality proposal? How do you think it will affect services like CloudFlare? We're watching the FCC's moves on Network Neutrality very closely. My cofounder Michelle (@zatlyn) sits on the Open Internet Advisory Committee for the FCC. CloudFlare is the only startup represented on the committee. We recently retained a DC lobbying firm in part to advocate for network neutrality and we hired our first in-house counsel out of Google and the FCC. This is an important issue for us.
It's hard to overstate the benefits an uncensored, open Internet has created for the world. We're strong proponents of preserving the principles of Network Neutrality that have allowed open innovation. If governments around the world start to chip away at those principles, I'm hopeful that CloudFlare can use our scale and size in the market in order to ensure our customers will still be as fast as possible around the world.
Would CloudFlare ever get involved in a peering dispute if it would mean a better internet in the long term, even though it might result in temporary performance problems? We negotiate peering agreements daily. There are occasionally disputes. But, generally, most of the world's ISPs are still open to reasonable peering with us.
Notice anything different about SSL on Link to blog.cloudflare.com ? (Hint: you shouldn't.) We just enabled something very, very cool. :-)
One of the things that is critical to get mass adoption of CloudFlare in highly secure environments like financial institutions is a way to handle SSL without us ever having to be trusted with our customers' SSL keys. We've built something that does that and it's now running on a handful of customers' sites as well as on portions of cloudflare.com (the blog included). That's all I can say for now, but it's pretty cool and we'll be talking about it a lot more in the next few months.
Don't tell me it's a solution to P=NP. Please. No, it's not.
Hey Matt! What qualities do you look for when you're hiring, and how does one maximise their chances to land an internship? :-) Link to www.cloudflare.com
What does a community evangelist do? Sets up AMAs. :-)
Do you think the danger from Heartbleed was overexaggerated? Why? Do you code at all any more, or do you have lackeys do do such menial work for you now? Generally, I think that a lot of these Internet vulnerabilities are overhyped. Heartbleed was an exception. It was literally like the plot of that bad Sandra Bullock movie "The Net." There was, effectively, a button that you could push on any server in the world to have it dump the contents of its memory. While everyone focused on it being a crypto vulnerability, the bigger risk continues to be stealing things like login session IDs. That wasn't hypothetical. People were doing it with major services like Yahoo Mail for days after the vulnerability was disclosed. My hunch is we'll still be finding problems created by Heartbleed 2 years from now.
WHen you started up CloudFlare, how far did you see it going? I don't code much anymore. Every once in a while I'll bang out a little Javascript or something in order to prototype something, but there's no way my coding skill is anywhere close to where it would need to be in order to program for CloudFlare.
Hmm. Don't know what my favorite startup is other than CloudFlare. One thing that has been fun is having young startups by the office to brainstorm. Michelle (@zatlyn) and I try and make time to help them out as there were a lot of people who did the same for us when we were getting started.
2) Railguns association. This is a must, we currently track associations in an Excel spreadsheet. That's pretty bad. Any idea when you might associate that in the partner portal? We want to allow root domains behind CloudFlare via partners. We've got a few different ways of doing that we're playing with. The challenge is we want to maintain flexibility to move customers between IPs in order to isolate them when there's an attack. Since the DNS RFC doesn't allow CNAMEs at the root, it makes it tricky. But we're working on it. I'm told the Railgun associations should be in the partner account portal relatively soon.
Hey Matthew - Are there any plans to provide security against state-sponsored APT attacks? With a massive network like CloudFlare, there may be an opportunity to track signatures and develop an enterprise product - any thoughts? We see what appear to be state-sponsored attacks quite often, although we spend more time on defense than we do on attribution so it's tough to really know the source of the attacks. Right now, for instance, there are news organizations on both side of the conflict in Ukraine using CloudFlare in order to stay online in the face of very large DDoS attacks. I agree with you that, over time, there's a lot we can do with our scale and data to better protect customers from more sophisticated attacks.
Did you write much of the original cloudflare code base?...if so, what was the most difficult thing about transitioning into your current non-coding role? What do the 3 remaining lines you wrote in CloudFlare do? Lee Holloway, one of my co-founders, was the technical genius behind CloudFlare and wrote the vast majority of the code. I built the first version of our front end and some other random bits of code along the way. The last bit of my code that is left is around our Always Online feature. If you look at how it handles background AJAX requests to see if the site has come back online and think, "That's janky," now you know why.
Hey Matt, What exactly is happening in your system to trigger a domain to bypass CloudFlare (in case of an attack)? Is there a pps limit? Is there a gbps limit? Also, if you enable the DDoS protection page in a reasonable amount of time (e.g. by checking cpu load and calling the api if it's high with a script ran by cron every minute) would you ever risk to get disabled? For free/pro accounts, the criteria is when the attack starts to negatively affect other customers. That threshold really depends on the circumstances of the attack. If, for instance, an attack is very regionalized and only hitting one data center then it actually is more likely to cause issues than if it is distributed. That makes it difficult to give hard and fast thresholds. For business/enterprise accounts, we have a policy of keeping them on the system no matter what. We have gone to pretty extraordinary lengths to keep biz/ent customers online under large attacks.
How do you manage to keep so active on social media while keeping up with all of your other management duties? Does your team sometimes post as you? Ha. No, no one else posts as me (@eastdakota). I don't post as @CloudFlare -- that's Damon on our team who was our 8th employee and literally invented the position of social media manager once upon a time when he was an early employee at PayPal. For my personal account, I think I tend to post mostly when I'm traveling (usually to complain about United Airlines). If it seems like I'm posting a lot it probably means I'm traveling a lot. Incidentally, still weirds me out a little when people come up to me and say: "I follow you on Twitter."
How did you get some of your first customers? Any strategies you can share? CloudFlare was born, in part, out of Project Honey Pot (Link to www.projecthoneypot.org, an open source project that Lee (@icqheretic) and I started 10+ years ago. CloudFlare's first users were Project Honey Pot members. Our first email to them asked for a helluva leap of faith. Originally, the way you signed up for CloudFlare was by giving us your registrar's username/password. We wrote a little crawler that would login to your registrar, scrape all the DNS info, and then update your name servers. When we first emailed people we didn't have a UI beyond a little box that said something like: "Give us your GoDaddy username/password." It was pretty crazy that people did it, but we'd built a ton of trust with them over the years running PHPot without ever asking for anything in return.
The other fun PHPot story was that when we were first starting we didn't have any money for equipment. Michelle (@zatlyn) suggested that we email all the PHPot users who lived around the Bay Area to see if they had any extra servers. So we did. Emailed about 100 people. Got a ton of replies. Michelle drove around in her little Jetta picking up all the servers. None of them worked, but we were able to take parts from them to cobble together 2 that kind of ran. It was on those two servers we built the first prototype of CloudFlare.
When are we getting a CloudFlare datacenter in India? I know bandwidth is super expensive here but I am guessing you have a lot of users here! India makes Brazil look like a cakewalk. The problem in India is the government and their propensity to pass retroactive taxes on data service providers. There are horror stories of network providers that get hit with tax bills based on "the value of the data" flowing through their networks. That uncertainty makes it very hard. We've actually explored putting a facility in Nepal. It made a lot of sense on paper since the country is within ~5ms of Delhi and has a lot of in-bound traffic, but not a lot of out-bound traffic. Unfortunately, we did the math and our volume of traffic, even just from India, would significantly burden Nepal's infrastructure. We haven't given up on India, but it's a great example of how very physical, old world things impact doing business even as a software/services company.
I hear good things, mostly, all over about CloudFlare. Can you give your top 3 reasons a smaller WordPress blogger should use your services? 1) It's free 2) Faster is always better 3) We work closely with the WordPress team and usually get early word of new vulnerabilities and are able to virtually patch them before they're announced.
Any chance that sub-accounts will ever become a feature? If by sub-accounts you mean the ability for multiple users to manage an account with different permissions then yes. It's coming with the rollout of the new customer site before the end of Q2.
What about transferring a domain to a different CF account? That'll be possible once multi-user is enabled.
What do you think are the biggest threats to the Internet these days? Is it governments, hackers, ourselves, etc.? Government action to "regionalize" the Internet. Brazil's proposal to require local data residency would have made building a modern web company very difficult. - The UN's attempt to take control away from ICANN concerns me. The Internet has always been self-governed by its stakeholders. I'm concerned with the ITU or other governmental organizations stepping in and messing that up. - Concentration of services behind a few giants worries me. The challenges of hackers and ISP fast lanes puts pressure to huddle behind the Google's Amazon's and Facebook's of the world. I think that risks something very special about the Internet. That's part of the motivation of CloudFlare: to give you the resources of a giant without forcing you to live in their walled garden.
This is a more specific question about net neutrality: What do you think about ISP's charging Netfliz for bandwidth? There's an expression in the law that hard cases make bad law. Netflix is a hard case, so it's hard to generalize from them. At their peak they are responsible for 30% of Internet bandwidth in the United States. That's enough that it imposes real costs on ISPs who have to install new routers, upgrade their backbones, etc. Those costs are real and so the dispute is really over who should have to pay for them. If the cost is imposed on the ISP then they'll, in turn, pass them on to customers. That doesn't seem fair to someone like me who isn't a Netflix subscriber. On the other hand, the ISP's customers are paying the ISP to access any service online, Netflix included. It's a tricky problem.
A lot of the problem comes from the fact that the market developed with all-you-can-eat/flat-fee pricing. That means low bandwidth users end up subsidizing high bandwidth users. You'd probably have a lot fewer market distortions like Netflix if end users paid on a usage basis. Of course, that's an unpopular option, and it's hard to imagine how you transition from one model to the other, but it would be easier for ISPs to get behind network neutrality if they knew they could bake costs of services like Netflix into their pricing. And, incidentally, it's not clear that, over time, customers would be worse off.
(I recognize there's a significant amount of irony in my suggesting that after, earlier in this conversation, saying that CloudFlare has fixed-rate pricing because people hate the surprises inherent with variable-rate pricing.)
The other thing that's gotten a bit lost in the conversation is that I'd guess Netflix is paying less for bandwidth through Comcast directly than they were via Cogent. People don't object to Netflix paying Cogent, but they do to people paying Comcast. The reason, of course, is that Comcast is a terminating access monopoly. Comcast has a monopoly over the access to all their subscribers (i.e., if Netflix wants to reach a Comcast subscriber, one way or another, they need to pay Comcast). That suggests that even if you have competition among end-user ISPs, the ISPs will still have a lot of market power over content providers.
These are hard problems.
What do you think of the progress of HTTP 2? Will Cloudflare be an earlier supporter of it once it gets released like you have done with SPDY? Yes.
When will Cloudflare have stickers again? I'm dieing to get one ;_; We just got a new order of stickers in. I think Damon is planning on doing a give-away next week. Stay tuned!
Big fan. When are you opening an office in Portland? :) There are a lot of good people here. No plans for a Portland office. We run a data center nearby to handle data processing so we may open something at some point, but we believe it's pretty important to have as much of our team in the same office as possible. San Francisco is pretty nice too if anyone wants to move down.
What were your initial reactions to the Spamhaus incident that happened a long time ago? I was Spamhaus's attorney very briefly once upon a time, so I've known that team for a while. When their website got knocked down we were happy to help. At first the attacks were big but nothing out of the ordinary. I was out to dinner (on a date) when the big volume. My reaction was: "300Gbps?! Shit. How's the network holding up?" Good news was we'd designed the network to handle quite a bit more traffic. That said, based on how the attack was launched, it was easy to see how the attacker could have scaled it another 10x+. That would have been very bad, and not just for us. Thankfully, while the size of attacks has continued to grow, we're still within an order of magnitude of what Spamhaus saw.
Do you have statistics on the amount of requests that are served over IPv6? How is IPv6 usage growing over time for you? Also, thanks for your work to encourage the usage of IPv6, including the free gateway. We do, but I don't have them at hand. Martin Levy (@mahtin) on our team is working on a blog post where we'll be sharing them. There's been a marked uptick in IPv6 over the last 6 months, which is great news.
Hey Matthew, First off, I love your service and I am enjoying it every day. But how did you manage to go from a small startup to where you are today? Secondly, my cat says meow. Or something like that. One step at a time. I still think of us as a small startup. I walk into the office regularly and still think: where'd all these people come from. I think there's a fiction that startups often have a silver bullet that explains their success. Think about Facebook. There's nothing on its own that is so amazing about Facebook. For them to have built what they did was a million good, small decisions. Then, one day, they woke up and they were huge. There's nothing I can point to as a silver bullet in our story either. We've tried to make a million good, small decisions and tackle problems as they come up. One thing I've learned is that it takes as much effort to solve a big, daunting problem (like CloudFlare) as it does to solve something that seems more manageable. In some ways, big, gnarly problems are actually easier because they attract really smart people to help work on them. And, I don't have a cat, but if I did it would say meow right back.
What do you use to monitor your servers all around the world? We use a combination of open source tools like Nagios as well as a number of things we've developed internally -- although those too are usually build on open source tools like OpenTSDB and SystemTap. Our SRE team is amazing to keep everything running as we are growing as quickly as we are.
Also, must say I love the blog, it's a great insight. The blog has been a real surprise. If you go back and read the early posts it started out much more like a traditional marketing blog. At some point we started writing more technical posts and they really resonated. Some of the posts that get the most readers are those that are the most technical. We encourage our engineering team to talk about what they're working on.
What were some of the challenges you faced when starting up CloudFlare in the beginning? If you could sum up the first few years of CloudFlare in one word, what would it be? Everyone thought we were crazy. "You're going to get people to switch their DNS to you, route their traffic through you, and you're going to do it by shipping equipment to locations around the world?! You're nuts." I saw someone Tweet the other day that every entrepreneur's superpower is naivety. I think that's right. Had we known all of what was really involved in building CloudFlare I don't think we'd have ever gotten started. But I'm glad we did and enjoy coming to work every day to build something that is literally help build a better Internet.
How do you explain the recent hoarding of your latest IP range assigned, when static IPs aren't required for websites at this point, making the SSL point moot? We have millions of customers, so it's not a surprise we've got a lot of IPs. We're going to make SSL available to all our customers, even free ones. That will end up chewing up a bunch of IP addresses. Getting a large allocation of IPs was one of the last stumbling blocks we needed to overcome before we could do that. We just received a /12 from ARIN, so that plan is moving forward. I can't think of any other company that uses IPs as efficiently as we do. We've also been a big proponent of IPv6, so we're doing what we can to help with the transition to the future.
You've really taken a lot of the last /8... Wonder how you justified that as '3 months' usage with the current state of IP affairs. And, PS, Akamai just got a /10.
Hey Matthew ! First of all thank you for the good tools you providing. I would like to know how did you come up with this idea ? Can you tell us more about your two previous start-up ? Was them totally different from CF? The first startup I worked for wasn't my idea. I was the first non-founder employee. It was completely different: an online health benefits brokerage based in Chicago. It was actually a lot like Zenefits, which is a new hot startup doing the same thing 15 years later. I learned a ton in the process.
My second startup is Unspam Technologies. It was in the anti-spam space and is still around (and profitable!) today. I still serve on the Board and Lee (@icqheretic), one of my co-founders at CloudFlare, was our first non-founder employee at Unspam.
Any server in Portugal soon? We've talked with some Portuguese ISPs about putting in what we call mini-PoPs directly into their data centers. That'll likely happen before the end of 2014. Madrid is coming even sooner: likely by the end of Q2 or early Q3.
Matthew, congratulations on the success of Cloudflare -- it's been fun to watch it grow. Here's my question: Cloudflare took the lead on Heartbleed and worked in a very open way with other companies and individuals to determine the risks of the defect and how to validate if your site was affected. Cloudflare also helped the NYT deal with a denial of service attack from the SEA about a year ago. That's part of what seems to be an ethos of "it's all of us against the bad guys" ethos in the security community. Do you see that cooperation continuing even though in some circumstances it may not be to the short-term benefit of some companies to "help" their competitors solve problems? I hope so. I really dislike the FUD marketing that many old-school security companies engage in. What I'm proud of is that the adjectives that our customers most often describe us with are "smart" and "helpful." We try and keep an ethos across the whole company of never saying: "That's not our problem." It means our support team spends a bunch of time helping people write their Apache configs and other things that don't directly have to do with us. The upshot, however, is that when the NYT comes under attack, we're someone the CTO trusts to call and help out.
What's your favorite color? Hmm. Not sure. I just painted my apartment and everything ended up being some shade of gray. That's such a boring answer. Probably something in the cool tones: blue or green more than red, orange or pink. Although... I do like CloudFlare Orange. (But CloudFlare's logo was almost blue: Link to blog.cloudflare.com)
Clouflare Brazil DataCenter, when? Brazil doesn't make doing business there easy. We've had equipment sitting in customs for 3+ months. What my team didn't tell me when we started the Brazil project is that if Brazil customs denies your equipment entry then they burn it. Glad I didn't know when I approved the PO. The other thing that is a pain about Brazil is there's a 100% import duty on all equipment sent there. That means it's 2x the cost to turn up servers in Brazil as it is almost anywhere else in the world. Good news: equipment cleared customs and, last I heard, it was in the process of being racked. Barring something unexpected, Sao Paulo will be online before the end of the month.
Hey there! Whats the biggest attack you have ever mitigated? The biggest one we've talked about publicly was just shy of 400Gbps. We've seen a few others that have been bigger than that, but nothing yet that's crossed 500Gbps. I think it's inevitable we will sometime in the next 12 months.
What's one business offshoot you wanted to pursue with cloudflare but couldn't because of whatever reason? I wanted to create a Gmail alternative to compete with Google. Start with a solid mobile app. Build crypto and security in from the beginning. Notify when your messages were passing over a non-secure SMTP session. Monetize on a simple per-seat basis rather than through ads. I think there are a lot of big companies adopting Google Apps but not excited about it. That feels like a market opportunity.
I wanted to create a stock exchange that leveled the playing field and limited access to high frequency traders. Potentially even go back to fractional share pricing to give margin back to stock brokers and encourage market research. Was interesting to read Michael Lewis's new book ("Flash Boys") and see that someone is actually trying it.
About a year ago, you told me Kanye West's Stronger was a good song to describe the success of Cloudflare. Considering the last year's experience, would you say that is still an accurate sentiment or would another song better describe it? Well, Kayne threatened to sue us because Coinye (the parody crypto coin) was a customer. Can't decide if that makes me more or less likely to do a CloudFlare remix of Stronger.
You guys dropped some hints on your blog about a new website with new analytics etc, any ETA on that ? We've been testing a whole new customer website for the last 6 months. Our plan is to begin rolling out the beta over the next few weeks and have it out broadly by the end of the quarter (June). The first version won't have a completely new Analytics frontend, but we're working on the design for that and should roll it out in Q3.
Is your system going to get less annoying? Got nothing but errors from CloudFare stockholm over the past couple of days. Submit a ticket with the RayID and we can figure out what's going on. No known problems in Stockholm recently.
CloudFlare recently took away the ability for people to run CF on top of Incapsula's service, in essence proxying over a proxy and utilizing two CDNs at once. Now this situation, which previously worked fine for a long time, results in an error, "DNS points to prohibited IP". What gives? If it doesn't cause a problem why block it? Link to blog.cloudflare.com
Submit a ticket and we'll figure it out. That said, proxying through multiple proxies is probably not a good idea.
What's brown and sticky? Rice from Koh Sumoi and the Monkey, the Thai place near our office in San Francisco. ;-)
When will you accept PayPal payments? You've said for so long you will accept this but still nothing. Thanks. I promise it's still something we're working on. A complete rework of billing is scheduled for Q3. That will include PayPal (and Bitcoin).
And, ps, don't think you're alone in being frustrated in how long it's taken. Kills me.
Cloudflare blog mentioned SSL will be available for free customers, any schedule or eta at the moment? We're shooting for end of Q2/beginning of Q3.
Is CloudFlare committed to keep the free plan for ever and never charge? Yes.
Do you have any plans for mainland china in the future. We use one of the big chinese cdns and the service is terrible. I think there is a big market for global CDN that could offer ICP approved services like ChinaCache. Stay tuned.
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